Vin Duke

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Young Vin was born on April 29th, 1992 in Los Angeles, CA. Ironically, that day was the very same day of the notorious Rodney King riots. A Los Angeles riot of his own right, Young Vin prides himself in being a master of his craft, who provides listeners with both polished lyricism and street appeal. Raised just outside of Los Angeles and later relocating to Long Beach, Young Vin faced various troubles as an inner city youth. He witnessed the "Street Life" firsthand with childhood friends joining local gangs or selling drugs as a means of income. However, refusing to fall into the same traps that his peers were falling into, Vin decided to create his own legacy. He began writing lyrics soon after; spitting out everything that was affecting him on a daily basis. After realizing his talent, Young Vin began networking and promoting himself to local recording studios in hopes of being given the necessary tools to complete a demo. After none of the studios offered him anything substantial, Vin stole a studio microphone from a pawn shop and downloaded recording software off of Limewire to produce his demo; on his own and out of his bedroom. That same grit and determination has continued to propel Young Vin as he furthers his career. The charismatic youth from humble beginnings has been cosigned by numerous industry known producers, most notably THX (Snoop Dogg – Don’t Stop) and Ric Rude (Destiny’s Child – Cater 2 U). Even fellow Long Beach native and legendary rapper, Warren G, gave his nod of approval when the two had a chance meeting at a recording studio and began freestyling together. Young Vin is making his mark on the game; changing outcomes and pushing the limits just like he’s done since his childhood days. His highly anticipated debut release is set to drop sometime in early 2011 and features nearly entirely original production. His goal is simple: to be successful while making the music that has saved his life. He continues to serve that raw Hip-hop in its most potent form and will not cease until he’s reached a level of notoriety comparable to the legends that have done so before him. If he has it his way, Young Vin is a name that won’t soon be forgotten.


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