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Yooooo what’s up everyone!? My name is Eddie Ramirez, also known as Uno Tha Pilot. I’m 19 years old, and I was born in Chicago, IL but now i live in Milwaukee, WI. I am a hip hop rapper and singer. Music is my one true passion in life. I really don’t know how to describe my style or how to describe myself…. I am just Uno Tha Pilot. Alike every other human on this earth…. I am unique. I can only say that my style is pure and based on several different life experiences and musical influences. I love music and I love poetry and rhythm. I love creating music and expressing my inner feelings and emotions through it. I love being real and making music that all people everywhere can relate to and feel. I want to be admired for being true to myself and remembered for something I put my heart and soul into. My dream is simple.. I want to be heard. I will better my own life and the life of others through my music. I focus on a positive influence on everyone that i meet and even people i will never meet. I just want to be remembered for someone who changes people's lives for the better. I have skills of my own that i thought myself with no help from others such as creating instrumentals, editing and recording vocals, mixing and mastering, and graphic design such as creating websites, flyers, bussiness cards, photoshop, ect. Which i have used thoes designing skill in cooperation with many local businesses. I will like to share these skills with others so they can also learn and achieve their dream as well. I am a very quick learner and I easily catch on to ideas and skills. I like to learn new skills and ways to help me better my future and the influences around me. I am an entrepreneur. When I have a priority i make sure it gets done on time or even sooner. Personally, I do not see success in second place, I WILL achieve first! Although not coming in first doesnt mean you dont learn.. Anyone can learn and achieve their dreams, it just takes dedication and focus. Because I am fairly young, most people seem to be very surprised when they hear the quality, style, and originality of my music. My experience, however, i started producing music and making beats in early 2006. I gradually integrated the use of digital music technologies, synthesizers and real-time effects to produce a sound of my own. I pretty much mastered the FL Studio program. Along the way, I have learned how to record voice in a live studio working with professional programs sucj as Pro Tools, in addition to mixing and mastering the perfect balance of a professional quality song. I have come a long way in my experience with music because it is my life, 24/7! I have new music uploaded frequently! And I will make sure to keep everyone posted on all the exciting things I have going on in my life! I hope everyone enjoys my music, and for those of you who do.... Keep checking back for updates. I know that today after all the ups and downs, I am stronger than ever. My true passion in life is music. It is what I love to do and I do it well. Although music consumes most of my time, I am also pursuing many of my other goals and dreams on the side such as being a full time student at MATC studing business managment! For a complete view of my music library, go to (coming soon) WELCOME TO MY WORLD OF MUSIC!!! *for contact reasons you can reach me at any of the links below. Twitter: @UnoThaPilot Instagram: @Uno_Tha_Pilot


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