UGK News

  • Cover of Bun B Talks About The "Hip-Hop And Religion" Course He Teaches At Rice University
    Did you know Bun B, one half of the legendary Houston duo UGK, is a faculty member at Rice University? While Bun's musical output has slowed in recent years, his knowledge of hip-hop remains unquestionable, and since 2011, he has been teaching said knowledge in a professional capacity.
  • Cover of #TBT: Deep Cuts From T.I.
    T.I. is a legend at this point. For nearly 20 years he has been blessing the mic with verses of the hustle, the struggle, roads to success and pimpin'. He's a rapper, actor, convicted felon and one of the south's most heralded artists.
  • Cover of Trunk Bangers
    The age-old question under which almost all hip-hop music is scrutinized: does it pass the car test?
  • Cover of Top 20 Rap-A-Lot Records Tracks
    Rap-A-Lot Records was founded by James "J Prince" Smith in Houston, TX in 1986, during hip-hop's Golden Age, as well as the time when Gangsta Rap was slowly starting to gain prominence.
  • Cover of 50 Cent Thinks Jay Z's Idea To Collaborate With UGK Was Borrowed From Him
    50 Cent and Jay Z are two of the biggest rappers ever to come out of New York, so naturally they have a bit of a competitive relationship. In a soon-to-air interview with Sirius XM, 50 spoke on his output during Jay Z's retirement, as well as Jay's decision to work with UGK on "Big Pimpin'".
  • Cover of Bun B Announces Features For New Project, "The Epilogue"
    Bun B established himself as a legend with his work with UGK, but since Pimp C's tragic passing, the rapper has continued to make an impact with his solo releases.
  • Cover of Pimp C's Mother, "Mama Wes" Has Passed Away
    Earlier in the week, Pimp C's mother was reportedly hospitalized in Port Arthur, Texas with serious illness. Unfortunately, the late rapper's UGK partner Bun B has now confirmed that C's mother has passed away. 
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