Trizzy Barnes

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Who Is Trizzy Barnes? Born and raised in the Bronx New York, this young heartthrob by the name of Dockeem Barnes came to the world on January 3, 1991. He was raised by his mother in a one bedroom apartment for eight years, then went on to live with his grandmother. "My Father Broadway was a rapper... people think I wanted to rap since day one, but honestly I used to cry when he'd make me watch his videos on B.E.T instead of Batman", says Trizzy Barnes although his natural calling to music occurred anyway. "I started rapping because I felt that it would get me the ladies. I would rap and they'd smile for days", says Trizzy. It started as a mere way of flirting and letting his mind free in this world of music. Now he has nothing to lose and everything to gain. Music is more than a too, its his way out ...Stay tuned! It started as a mere way of flirting and letting his mind free in this world of music. Watching his father Dion "Broadway" Barnes in the leagues Of K-R-S One, Fat Joe, DMX etc. sure didn’t hurt either. "My Dad brought me to 93.5 in the Bronx, I’ll never forget I was only like seven years old and the lady had me singing my heart out (I wasn’t any good) but it definitely was a good feeling". Music was always an outlet of release for this artist. He never thought to go to a major place with it; it was only a hobby in the beginning. “Man honestly, after a while I felt like I wasn’t cut out for this rap stuff. It was like c'mon everybody raps, what would make me any different you know”? That All Changed when family friend/M.O.P member Foxx Cook saw Trizzy walking up his house steps with his first Mxl 990 Condenser Mic." She was like Yo, Dockeem you rap? I was acting like a nervous little girl and everything. She was like give her a cd with 8 tracks; I was like aight... but didn’t it right away though”. Trizzy met up with family friend/ mentor James McNear, "Master Moo", in 2008 for his debut showcase performance. His single was "Club Joint", a song in which he doubts his ability to be ready for the industry and is open about his insecurities. The song touched many and inspired him to keep going even harder.”I’m not gonna lie... I had quit. I felt I couldn’t do it", says Trizzy after he failed to get his peers to support his music. “It was my ex... trust me .. I thank her for that. That breakup unleashed the beast! I recorded 13 tracks with only music on my mind then Gave them to Foxx . She loved them and offered me a deal with Macktown360 records . It’s been on and poppin ever since. This was all through 2007-2009”. Now it’s 2010 and Trizzy Barnes is ready to take the world by storm! You now know his story, but you still have to ask "Who Is Trizzy Barnes"? Stay tuned


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