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About Torch

BIO Maybach Music Group is synonymous with spotlighting rising musical stars and is proud to present “that fire” – Torch – the missing link to Triple C. Just when you thought it wasn’t possible to combine the grit and grim of a New York borough with that laid back southern swagger of Miami, think again – enters Torch. Born & Raised in Castle Hill Projects in the Bronx he moved to Miami as a teen To evade A Drug conviction.

That's where He met his Future Business partners Rick Ross & GunplayMurdok Forming the Infamous Street Organization Carol City Cartel aka TRIPLE C'S..After A breif Stint in prison Torch Returned home 2 the News Ross was Now A rapper with A hit RECORD "HUSTLIN"Thats when Rap Went from A childhood Dream to A real Option.. Torch is that look-out; that loyalist that everyone needs. That “spook who sat by the door”, paying attention to everything, everyone, going unnoticed until necessary.

He displays that same methodology in his rhymes. He tells the complete story, all parts, with the whit of a storyteller and the grime of a corner hustler. Like the affection for one of his favorite authors, he is the “Donald Goines” of his time, yielding “48 Laws of Success.” This “thing called rap or hip hop is a like playing chess. You got to know your opponents, create a strategy and come hard every time. I am that missing link to Triple Cs. I’m that pawn that is constantly upgrading. You don’t see me coming, but when I get there – YOU KNOW!” It’s this mentality that has created his space in his phenomenal collaboration. He oozes drive, determination, all fitting into a plan, just like his skills. He spits as a compliment. He leads and creates the position. He closes the verse and you know it’s done.

Torch is unconventional, yet traditional; aloof yet captivating; forceful yet soothing; precise yet versatile. On tracks like, “DeathWish”, Torch's Hunger is Crystal CLEAR if You dont give it to him he's going take it..Not to far removed from his days in the Streets You can Feel his Presence threw Speakers. Listening you can Tell he been threw the things hes talking about.He makes it clear that his precision in the game keeps him out the limelight and clear of the dangers that had him incarcerated – On the Certified Classic “Memory Lanei”, Torch is reminiscent of the days of Tupac with his clever descriptions and deliberate play on words and situations. GENIUS Triple Cs is the Ultimate TRIFECTA and we place our bets on them to win Everytime. Torch is by far ONE OF THE best hopes New York has of rekindling the Dominance of the 90's...Specialyst ENT.


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