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Hi, My name is Jordon Randolph. I was born and raised in Philadelphia, PA. I am a poetic artist, I go by the name ( ThoughtsOfElijah ) this is my stage name . I am 19 years old. I started writing poetry when i was 15 years old, but I started reciting poetry on beats & Instrumentals 4 months ago in bloomsburg university music studio which is the college i attend now. I love to write to poems because poetry let me express my life stories in a deep way. I wanted to be different, because everybody know a days wants to be a rapper or a singer or a producer, I wanted to stick with being a poetic artist and try to create a new music genre ( poetic music ) and i also want to inspire the struggle in a new way with spoken word music. I started working on my first poetic project at Bloomsburg University as well. I worked with five artists at my school only, and that was Mont Money, Mizzy Mack, Lil Nuck, Serria, BMusik. We named our selfs the college dream team. Bmusik was my producer and he incouraged me to work on a poetic demo cd, so I thought that was a good idea and from there on we started working hard on this project. This was a project that i put together so people can see my poetic vision of my music and i wanted to see if i would get any type of feedback either if it was good or not. I got alot of good feedback from my poetic demo cd it was a good success so far so thats what inspired me to keep going with this. My main goal is to create a new sound and inspire the world with my poetic music. I barely sleep when it comes to music i can stay up two days or more while working to perfect my craft. I love grinding i will never stop until i shine hard. I also have more to offer than saying I am a Poetic Artist, i am also a young business man i have recently started my own little marketing/advertise business thats called BNA Productions. I know it takes a long process to become great so im willing to work non stop sessions upon music and be very productive amongst my upcoming marketing business. I from the hood, I lost my dad at the age 15, I came from the struggle and i am just trying to give bac to the struggle with poetic words and statements to inspire others to become better then than trying to be like me if you get where im going at with that qoute. Im just tried of seeing me and mom struggling. All my poems come from within my hurtful, anger soul of what i been through in life of my 18 years. I grind hard for the struggle, my mom, and myself.


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