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I’ve always been in love with music since I was conscious of my being, music that flows through my bones and inspires me to move and take control of a dance floor. But, I wasn’t always a singer or a rap artist. I was an outstanding student athlete (Football player) all through my pre-teens, teens and four years of my adult life (Now 22 years old), I attended Northern State University. It was in my college years that I started to think differently; it was then I attracted the knowledge of the Law of Attraction and Abraham Hicks teachings. The message resonated to the depth of my core, that message was that I create my reality by the way I think and feel. Human beings are more powerful than we think; there are Universal laws that obey us on a vibrational level every time. This is the message I express in my music that I’ve labeled “ThinkStyleMusic” positive thinkers with swag and conscious creators of their reality. ThinkStyleMusic is a conscious/spiritual (Not religious) Independent label that caters to various genres of music and I’m (LZ The CEO) the first artist. My genre of music is Hip Hop and I’m influenced by sounds and emotions; not just any sound or emotion. I’m influenced by sounds that’ll make me think and feel in a positive/passionate way, emotions that’ll resonate to my core and inspire me to create. Through my music I hope to inspire others and have them playing and enjoying my music, Become a fan of ThinkStyleMusic by liking, following and subscribing on the social networks. Every ounce of love is appreciated and reciprocated back to you. Also, please feel free to donate to ThinkStyle projects. Your donations will help fund ThinkStyleMusic, ThinkStyle Clothing and ThinkStyle Life Coaching. Thank you for your support. Stay positive and remember you are love/ joy looking to express. - LZ The CEO @ThinkStyleMusic www.thinkstyleworld.com


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