The Lost Verse

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The Lost Verse is a duo comprising of two cousins who are brought together by a common passion which is music and a common dream which is to become successful leaders of the 'New School' in the African music industry. Their rap names are 'Tha Bwoi Lee' & 'Kemmykals'. Together, they realized something about their personalities and it seemed that they were slightly split in that they had different rationalizations under different circumstances and situations. So in an attempt to understand and explain themselves they came up with alter ego vis a vie 'SantaNovis' & 'The Poetic Terrorist' Within their music, initially the two duos do not understand each other and therefore do not like each other. Their music is a journey through their minds as they try to understand their differences, their eccentricities and their place in a world they hardly understand. Their music portrays battles between the two camps and eventually reconciliation. When the two camps reconcile they become known as 'The Lost Verse'. The Lost Verse feels that the Hip-Hop industry and the world in general have become monotonous and are in desperate need of new and youthful leaders. They bring across a fresh sound and a fresh way of thinking and expressing oneself. They achieve this by infusing different elements of sound and styles of rapping / singing as well as by collaborating with different artists who have different ranges of expertise within the field. Their difference is that they bring an international sounding style to all their recordings and they believe that they have the required 'X-Factor' and complexity of character to intrigue and dominate this industry. They see themselves as the missing link to the South African music industry and they believe that they have the potential to become Africa's ambassadors when it comes to the Hip-Hop scene. They have released their debut mixtape called 'GP', a 17 track blockbuster in which they collaborated together with a special friend of theirs who's also a rapper / producer named 'Alpo'. Production on this project includes work from various producers namely, (Pretoria Based) Alpo, Sherakoh Mole, Taurus, Tha Bwoi Lee, (Mafikeng Based) Lil B & (Johannesburg Based) JWalker. The Lost Verse's solo album will then follow next year which will be called 'Something To Do With Sickness'. The Lost Verse are proud owners and directors of their own registered record label called 'You Knead To Know Records' and they are focusing on going as far as they possibly can as independents. They believe that they have the dedication and commitment necessary to succeed and they are fully focused on achieving their goals. The duo has been together for 3 years now and throughout this period they have recorded a whole variety of songs hence the decision to release 2 mixtapes before the release of their album, so as to be in a position whereby the audience and listener gets to purely understand, feel and get captivated by what their putting across in their music. In turn allowing their creative process to be fully appreciated. Throughout the course of their work, they have performed across Pretoria (for both large and small audiences) at Club Africa, Stones (Hatfield), 5 times at The University of Pretoria, house parties as well as Far Out Cafe which is in Midrand. Their most memorable performance having been at the University of Pretoria at the Kenyan International Society Dinner in October 2011, where they had the Kenyan Ambassador off his seat and dancing on stage with them. Most recently (2nd of June 2012) the duo performed at the Sprite Uncontainable Hip Hop talent search in Johannesburg, and got the chance to record in the Sprite Mobile Studio. The Lost Verse has a very captivating stage presence and has the ability to get a crowd going as soon as they step onto the stage, and everytime they perform, they leave audiences amazed and wanting more of this talented duo. They are very professional about their work and at all times let their music do the talking for them, and they are always looking to do more and more live performances wherever possible. These boys are about to blow and no one's going to see them coming. "You Knead To Know, 'coz if you don't know, you might never ever know"


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