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Joshua Tinner aka The Tinman was born and raised in Evansville, Indiana where he attended Signature School a nationally ranked charter high school with ambitions of going to Stanford for college. Josh began freestyling at parties for fun around the age of 16 upon which some of his friends encouraged him to keep at it...Which he did. Josh end up going to Indiana University for college where he began to dabble with jotting bars/punchlines down as a hobby of sorts but after two marijuana related offenses his freshman year his eligibility for to live on campus was stripped and he was forced to go back to Evansville. Here in January of 2010 Josh almost immediately plunged himself wholeheartedly into rapping and donned his lifetime nickname of Tinman derived from his last name adding a "The" for dramatic effect. Josh moved back Bloomington, Indiana(IU) in May 2011 in order to find a more apt musuc scene. Since The Tinman has dropped numerous mixtapes his most recent effort being The Idiot's Guide To Starving Artists. Josh has also been caught donning the moniker "James Doe"(A combination of James Bond and John Doe) as of late. Josh's so with ethic is undeniable dropping new music almost monthly. Currently Josh's work can be found on YouTube, Hotnewhiphop, Reverbnation, and ITunes( And Any Other Online Provider).


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