Rod McCoy (of AHE)

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For music lovers ( those who favor the genre of Hip Hop especially), the train-wreck “music” has become is truly devastating. It seems that music has lost its true meaning since most of today’s Hip-Hop icons do it for the love of money rather than the love of the craft. However, there is always hope for the re-birth of Hip-Hop when you discover the creative genius of artists like Rod McCoy…the REAL McCoy. He’s a soulful Hip-Hop artist from Haynesville, AL with the plan and potential to become an International Legend. According to an interview with Rod, he discloses that he was never enticed by the fame and that the hopes for riches are not what drove him to enter the music game. It was in fact, the invitation for a feature that started it all and a sincere infatuation blossomed instantaneously. Though unplanned and unforeseen, it was no mistake that Rod fell into the opportunity to do music. Listening to his music verifies that this is ultimately what he was born to do. Since his introduction to the underground industry in 2010 and his full time pursuance one year later, Rod’s work ethic has become apparent. His progress in such a short period speaks volumes. He has worked with several very talented producers including Brooklyn Beatz, ManHe and AHE producers J1K and RickaShayz and several fellow artists. He has also blessed stages both nationally and internationally with shows in places like Izmir, Turkey and San Antonio, Texas, just to name a few. All the while, he has not only served our county as an American Airman but maintained a 9 to 5 as a Network Systems Security Analyst. Both humble and human, outside of music Rod McCoy is Rodrequiz Lashaun Goldsmith - son, father, brother and friend. He is a young man with big dreams and the ambition and drive to accomplish all that he aspires to do. He doesn’t come from a wealthy background however he believes in making the most out of what he has rather than dwelling on what he doesn’t. His ultimate aspiration is to be able to provide for his family so that they never “need for” anything ever again. Whether that’s through his art OR through his entrepreneurial goals, it’s top priority for him. Unselfish and concerned, Rod is not just a Hip-Hop artist. He’s the CEO of Audible Hustle Entertainment, an up and coming record label focused on promoting success in likeminded artists and producers. When asked how he would like to be remembered, Rod replied “As a stand up guy, someone who never changed and had a genuine love for everyone that loves him”. The Cinderella Story of Rod McCoy is truly an inspiration to anyone with similar circumstances.


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