Born and raised in Racine, WI hip hop artist T-Weezie (Anthony Harris Jr.) always had a love for music in general, especially hip hop. He started writing at the age of 13. He found it to be a good way for him to get alot of the stress off his chest from the daily complications and issues involved with growing up in a rough neighborhood. After rapping for a few friends at a party, he started realizing he was pretty good which influenced him to start rapping for his friends at school and around the neighborhood. Not too long after, he began to grow an interest in recording music and taking a more serious approach. After linking with Mack G in early 2008 to create what would be known as Fisting You Ent or FYE, he began doing anything on camera to get his name out there. Whether it was freestyling, rap battles, dancing in public places, or just something out of the norm, you were sure you could find it on FYE's Youtube page. After working up the money to get studio equipment, him with Mack G at the controls layed down a few tracks and hit the ground running. Whether it was driving around town in Fisting You Ent brand clothing bumping his latest recording, or actually just going to crowded places and passing out business cards/Cd's T-Weezie along with Mack G were sure to make them self locally known. He did a few shows including becoming a regular at Bobby Rockets for Mr. Frizo's Behind The Music Tour, as well as a show at The Miramar in Milwaukee. With plans to only branch out further T-Weezie is hitting the booth harder than ever with a more focused outlook on the game. Parting ways with Mack G, T-Weezie took it back to the basics and started over. He has since linked up with fellow local artist C.C. and RearView Studios to release his first full length mixtape entitled,"I Made This For You". With emotion driven songs like "Goin In" and "HWY P" as well as easy to vibe to recordings such as "Day Dreamin" and "Make Me Glow" headlining the late 2012 release, it's obvious a spark has been lit in his mind and he is now going a completely different direction then he originally was. With this new drive, which can be heard in his music, you can be sure to hear alot more about T-Weezie in the near future.


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