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Introducing Semi, a young artist just trying to get his career off the ground. He has been doing his thing for some time now and has been waiting patiently for his chance to show the world his skill. He is backed by a strong team of rappers and is eager to have his meeting with success. His unique style and wordplay, as well as his many different flows seperate him from most other artists. He is now mastering other sounds to expand his creativity and getting better by the day. A confused college kid hungry to show his talent and skill to the world. He's always loved music for as long as he could remember. He started out young, writing rhymes in the 6th grade about things he barely knew about. "I was ass back then." He claims while laughing. "Well not ass, but I used to rap about guns and drugs, which were things I wasn't really into." As he grew up he took an interest in producing after being in the Ruff Ryder studio and watching them do their thing. After a while, He realized it really wasnt his passion and gave it up quickly. "All I really wanted to do was rap. It took a while to find my own lane, I never thought a nigga like me would ever be given a chance. Me being a kid who lived in the poconos I didn't really expect people to want to hear what I had to say since it didn't involve me selling drugs or being a gangsta. Niggas dont usually want to hear you spit unless you rapping about crack or shooting guns but that was never me. So I figured fuck it, Ima rap about whats real to me. So here I am, standing strong. Twice as nice as half the niggas rapping but nowadays its all about who you know, not how nice you are. But I'ma keep grinding out and making good music til the right person hears it, because its only a matter of time when youre this talented." Nowadays, Semi spends almost all of his time in the studio preparing for his debut mixtape "Quiet Kid In The Corner" which he thinks will be a classic in its own right. "It's definitely going to be a classic. I've spent a lot of time mapping it out. I had plans to drop it in mid-09' ,but I always get the feeling that it could be better, because I get better as time goes on, so I want this tape to be a show piece for where I'm at in my life and where I want to be." The title "Quiet Kid In The Corner" was given to symbolize the person that Semi represents. He stands outside of the box that the typical rapper seems to be so proud to be in in these times and he wants to make sure the world knows this. "It's very simple but at the same time there was alot of though put into it as well. "Quiet Kid In The Corner" is just the perfect way to explain me. Anyone can tell you that if they've ever met me. I've always been very quiet and reserved. I don't speak much. I don't fuck with too many people. I'm just real laid back and observant of the world around me. People assume that the title means I'm claiming to be a loser or the "backpacker, retro, geek," kind of character but that's not what it's about at all. I was never really lame. I had friends, I ran the streets, I partied, but at the end of the day I'm just very anti-social and I don't like to have a lot of people around me, not to mention I'm a shy guy. When most people meet me they would never assume that I rapped because I don't really talk much. They're usually shocked when they find out and when they actually hear the music it blows them away, because it's so unexpected. That's a feeling that I love. But I want just want this mixtape to capture the emotion. It's a combination of feelings from, things that I've always wanted to say but never knew how to say, and things I've always wanted but could never have. So you get to hear the passion, anger, resentment, strife, pain, ambition, and more. People will definitely be able to relate." With no date set for the mixtape to drop, Semi is in a race against himself to finish up the project and get it to the public. "It's not something that I want to just rush, I know that it takes time to be great and I'm willing to wait. I just know that when this hits, It's gonna be big."


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