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  • MMM (Michael Myers Mask)
    MMM (Michael Myers Mask)
    Tech N9ne will never achieve the mainstream success he deserves, but at least everyone can agree he spits complete flames on a regular basis. He's got an album coming in November called Strangulation Vol. II, and yesterday he dropped the album's first single "Slow To Me," today he keeps 'em coming with "MMM (Michael Myers Mask)."
  • Slow To Me
    Slow To Me
    Tech N9ne is known for his double time flows, and many of his collaborators possess a similar ability to spit at a rapid-fire rate. His latest track, "Slow To Me," is all about this particular skill, as Krizz Kaliko and Rittz brag about their speed, apologizing to the listeners who can't keep up with them. They also take some shots at "current rappers" over their use of auto-tune and slower vocal deliveries.
  • Wake 'Em Up
    Wake 'Em Up
    E-A-Ski has been a major west coast rap behind-the-scenes player for the last 25 years, having produced for Master P, Ice Cube, Luniz, & Mistah F.A.B. He is very much still active, having allegedly produced a pair of tracks on Ice Cube's next album Everythang's Corrupt, and now "Wake ‘Em Up," feat. Tech N9ne and Too $hort, the lead single off his forthcoming EP. Tech N9ne provides his usual platter of multisyllabic rhyme and Too Short his usual blunt, horny approach over a triumphant bit of Ski production.
  • Rain Dance
    Rain Dance
    Before Stevie Stone’s anticipated Malta Bend album arrives on June 30th, the Strange Music rapper decides to come through and share another new leak off it first called “Rain Dance” featuring his boss Tech N9ne & Mystikal.
  • Bring A Bomb
    Bring A Bomb
    As he proved with his brand new album, Special Effects, Tech N9ne is capable of pulling off many different styles. His new collaboration with Campo, "Bring A Bomb," finds him in EDM-infused territory, with a beat built off of some blazing synth sounds, and a catchy hook from an uncredited vocalist. As usual, Tech comes ferocious with a blistering double-time flow.
  • God Bless America
    God Bless America
    Dizzy Wright is now a day away from the release of his new album, The Growing Process. With the album impacting tomorrow, we've got one last leak off the album with the feature-heavy "God Bless America." The mellow vibe is produced by SnizzyOnTheBeat. It's a more serious, thoughtful record, as Dizzy vents about life, music, and all that good stuff. Dizzy taps two fellow lyrical beasts for their input, Krizzle and Tech N9ne, with a hook handled by singer Chel'le. 
  • Wither
    Before Tech N9ne releases his anticipated Special Effects album on Monday (5/4), the Strange Music leader decides to share another new leak with us called “Wither” featuring Slipknot‘s Corey Taylor .
  • Speedom (Worldwide Choppers 2)
    Speedom (Worldwide Choppers 2)
    Here's the moment you've all been waiting for. Tech N9ne promised us an Eminem guest spot on his new album, Special Effects, and here it is. The song's called "Speedom (Worldwide Choppers 2)" and it also features Krizz Kaliko. 
  • On The Bible
    On The Bible
    Following his “Aw Yeah?” release last week, Tech N9ne decides to return today with another new single called “On The Bible” featuring T.I. and Zuse.
  • Hood Go Crazy
    Hood Go Crazy
    Tech N9ne isn't usually the kind of rapper who specifically reaches for a radio record, most of his career was built without radio support, however he may have one on his hands with the "Hood Go Crazy." It features past collaborator B.o.B ("Am I a Pyscho?" and "See Me") and 2 Chainz, and it's got an accessibility that Tech's music doesn't always have, not only by way of the mainstream features but the bouncy, Mustard-esque beat.
  • Dyin' Flyin'
    Dyin' Flyin'
    Tech N9ne kicked off his Special Effects album campaign earlier in the week with the new single "Aw Yeah?
  • Aw Yeah? (interVENTion)
    Aw Yeah? (interVENTion)
    Tech N9ne recently announced his new album, Special Effects, along with a release date of May 5th. While he's still got a few months away, the rapper is already kicking off promo by delivering the first taste of Special Effects- "Aw Yeah? (interVENTion)." As the capitalized "VENT" indicates, Tech Ninna gets a few things off his chest on this record, with a characteristic opera-sampled beat backing him. Tech tackles issues from around the world, while trivializing our love of the "CoCo." 
  • Fuck Food
    Fuck Food
    I was feeling some Tech N9ne this morning so decided to return to his 2011 album All 6's And 7's for today's Throwback Thursday cut. Both Weezy F and T-Pain are experiencing a career resurgence of sorts lately, at least, they've been impressing with their music, so it is fitting they are both featured here. Ninna is also experiencing a career peak (although we can't say he's ever been on a decline) after earning $8 million last year and making it on to Forbes' Hip-Hop Cash Kings list- not a bad feat for an underground and independent rapper.
  • Bobby Be Real
    Bobby Be Real
    Slaine is back on HNHH for the first time in four years with "Bobby Be Real," a hot new single from his The King of Everything Else album due out Tuesday, August 19. Featuring Strange Music head honcho Tech N9ne and Swollen Member's Madchild, the upbeat track maintains a radio-friendly catchiness while remaining distinctly lyrical--detailing the demise of a fast-life-addicted rap artist.
  • Power Play
    Power Play
    CES Cru is back with a brand new single from their upcoming album Codename: Ego Stripper. Featuring guest vocals from Strange Music's head honcho Tech N9ne, "Power Play" marks the third single released from the album following the reader-acclaimed "Sound Bite" and "Whips," a promo release available for purchase on iTunes.
  • Burn Slow
    Burn Slow
    You don't have to be a regular reggae listener to be familiar with The Dirty Heads. Based out of California, this five-piece band has been rocking crowds with their unique blend of reggae, rock and traditional hip-hop since the mid-2000s, touring with the likes of Sublime and The Kottonmouth Kings. Not familiar? Well, now's as good a time as ever for a quick introduction. Featuring an ironically rapid-fire verse from infamous chopper Tech N9ne, "Burn Slow" is a standout track off of The Dirty Heads' new album Sound of Change available now on iTunes.
  • Death Warrant
    Death Warrant
    Hailing from Seattle with a flair for the dark and the ugly, Sadistik isn't your typical rapper; suitable then, that his debut single here on HNHH comes packaged with two of the game's most atypical personalities. Featuring guest verses from Strange Music head honcho Tech N9ne & Sticky Fingaz (of Onyx fame), the three emcees take aim at their competitors over slick, atmospheric, production from Eric G. 
  • Hard Liquor
    Hard Liquor
    Y'all remember Tech N9ne's 2010 track "Hard Liquor" or nah? It was included on his XXL-backed Bad Season mixtape, which dropped that same year, and finds him professing his love for hard alcohol over production from Dr. Dre and Travis Barker. 
  • Hard (A Monster Made It)
    Hard (A Monster Made It)
    For those unaware, South Central L.A. veteran MURS is the newest addition to Tech N9ne's Strange Music roster, joining Krizz Kaliko, Rittz, ¡Mayday!, Kutt Kalhoun and Ces Cru.
  • Nobody Cares
    Nobody Cares
    Tech N9ne is currently working his "Fragile" single with Kendrick Lamar from Something Else (which just recently got the visual treatment), but he's already got a new project on the way.  Strangeulation is coming soon, and will feature plenty of collabs with the Strange Music, though it's not clear whether it will be a compilation from the label, or a straight up Tech release.
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