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Isaac LeRoy Holm aka Toast aka T-Beatz is a 23 year old producer born and raised in Hill City, MN Growing up he wasn't really a social kid so he would hang out with his Grandfather and learn stuff about computers. School life wasn't that great either he failed music class 4 years in a row, tried many instruments but could never get the hang of playing the notes so he finally just said, "Maybe I'm just not musically talented...." So he gave up.. Well about 5 years ago he started messing around with a program called FL Studio and he loved it and also he loved the fact that he had so many ideas for his music and it was so easy to lay it out. 1 year later he saved up enough money and bought a cheap casio keyboard from wal-mart and started messing around with the piano and right away found it to be his passion. Of course he had hard times that made him want to give up because of various reasons, (People told him he couldn't do it, and the thoughts of music class started to make him lose confidence in himself, his beats weren't getting that much attraction, and his computer kept having to be repaired which would erase all the old files from his hard drive), He never gave up though, he kept on trying hard and put hours and hours of dedication into his instrumentals and one day while searching youtube, He found someone named Buddas (Butters) and sent him a message, "need any beats?" right away he got an answer and made friends with him. After all that Budda's connections started contacting Isaac and now he is working with close to 19 artists both signed and unsigned from all over the states. http://twitter.com/TbeaTz_Pro


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