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Travis Anthony Bowers, better known by his stage name TB*, was born on August 12, 1987. His stage name TB* is derived from the first intials of his first and last name. He is a rapper based in The Bronx, New York, but his sound is an all-over style that sends the message "Be youself and live your life to the fullest". He grew up listening to more R&B than Hip Hop. As he got older he began to mature and be influenced by artists such as Jay-Z and Lil Wayne. He began rapping around the age of 19 after he realized his passion for music was more than just being a "listener". Before rap "TB*" was a basketball player on his high schools Varsity team at Stevenson High School in the Bronx. After school hours he worked a steady 9 to 5 job for about 3 years working with Autistic children. Time and time again at work TB* would think and write lyrics down. Even with the small pay he was recieving, he would put it into studio time in order to work on new music and perfect his craft. Once he knew he had a fan base growing, TB* got on his grind and relased his first mixtape entiled "If It Wasnt For The Bronx"in 2007. Soon after that he shot his first music video for the single "1 Thru 10". Due to the feedback from the mixtape and video, TB* knew he was one talented individual. With the success of his first mixtape , TB* kept his grind going by releasing his second solo mixtape, " Gaining Respect Vol.1". He began networking and him and two other artists , Shotz and Naygunz, started the rap group "Team Sonar". Team Sonar was a big success and boosting point in TB*'s career. Together the team released the hit single "I Eat The Pussy". The single got over one million views on YouTube and thousands of downloads on iTunes. But due to the lack of promotion and funding behind the single it still remains and undergound classic. TB* labels himself as a "Time Square Hustler", one of many artists who go to downtown Manhattan, NY to sell and promote thier music. This gives the fans an up close and personal time to talk to TB*. It also gives TB* a chance to promote his music to people who may have never heard of him or are not from the USA, as Manhattan is the #1 tourist spot in the country. As he realized this is what he wants to do in life, TB* began dropping mixtape after mixtape. This included 3 more solo mixtapes, "Money Over Fame","Gaining Respect Vol.2" and his latest "1-11-11". He also released another 2 mixtapes with Team Sonar titled "3 Man Weave" and "Bumping Out Ya Speakerz Vol.1" hosted by DJ Big Mike. TB* just released his first mainstream single called "Lost My Mind" produced by hit producer Johnny Juliano,who has worked with a numerous amount of A-List artists. TB* still struggles and gets on his grind everyday to make his dreams as an artist in the music industry come true. You can find him on Facebook and Youtube under TBWHOBETTA. WHOBETTA HUUUUUHHH!!!


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