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I am an original artist with a passion, producing my own music and directing my own videos to get heard. My music represents me, my ups, my downs, my strengths, my flaws, the God and the Devil in me it’s all a part of my journey to greatness. I put serious passion and heart into my art so what I give you is real. I’m dedicated and always working to improve every day. My strength is originality because no one has told the story I’m going to entertain you with, my life. I started writing poetry when I was 9 years young inspired by my uncle Mike, Bob Marley, 2Pac, Jay Z, A Tribe Called Quest, U2, Erykah Badu, AeroSmith, Lauryn Hill, Heavy D, Run DMC, FunkMaster Flex man this list goes on. That’s when I first recognized I had a way with words. As the years progressed I got better from practicing writing every day. However my goals were set on other things. I wrote for my own interest and around my peers just to do it. I have always been passionate about arts whether its music, drawing, dancing, graffiti, sports, and web design I’ve done it all. But I found my love for music in 2010. Who.Kare and Foe Foe put me into my first studio appearance after years of writing in a book and free styling with the bros. My music came to life. We recorded “R U Ready” the perfect introduction song to my musical journey. “It’s a lot of fire on this track, N each bar is intact with a whole lot of crack, N the beat will crack because of the impact, in fact I’m the hottest lil ni**a in my age bracket…” I was 17 when I wrote that. After I got great feedback on that single I knew I had to keep going. So after dropping the 1neWay Mixtape with Who.Kare I was fully loaded and prepared for my solo Mixtape. I learned how to work with Protools to produce my own music, Fruity Loops to make my beats shouts of to Foe for teaching me the basic. From there Brazy Productions, Brazy Beatz came to life to form something very unique. Then came Betta Wayz Volume 1, this Mixtape is my base everything came together for me here. I started doing shows locally creating a buzz off of that With crazy singles like “Creating Betta” which was produced by me and Katana TC Best female MC hands down (No disrespect to all other female MCs nothing but love for you keep grinding). But Katana has been a huge Inspiration and mentor to me over the years. Who.Kare, Foe Foe, Cairo whole BMG been big inspiration for me as well we gone be putting some crazy projects together this year look out for that. Now, I’m here and going harder than ever with the Upcoming Mixtape Rap Coalition dropping to bring in the New Year it’s going to be BRAZY. This will be a rise of New Onez Entertainment/Beautiful Muzik Group. I shoot, edit, direct all of the videos and still practicing to get Better. So ride with me as I take your for a trip. You will never experience anything BETTA then this.


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