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Born October 26, 1980 Joshua Duane Travis better known as TripoThreaT was born a native of Pleasant Grove, Tx just Southeast of Dallas. He grew up with tremendous weight on his shoulders starting with struggle in 1988 when he walked in on his father trying to kill his mother with a screwdriver and "his voice" screaming saved her life. She grabbed him his four sisters and basically left with the shirts on their back and divorced his father. Before the separation he rode in the backseat to a few trap houses with his father where he once witnessed his father while making a purchase, get his wallet jacked just to discover what he bought was a piece of soap.. His father's head looking down in embarassment an humiliation of what took place in the eyes of his only son. Fastforward to 1989 a new father figure in the midst of his mothers smile, as she gave birth to her second and third son. Joshua visited his father every weekend while everything was on a good note, then diseaster struck it's first note in 91 when his youngest brother died in his sleep at 8 months of age. In March '92 his step father was killed by multiple shot wounds to the chest. A few weeks later his father died after having a liver transplant. 11yrs old, his mother, his brother and 4 sisters had to start over. Since 2nd grade poetry was something he did to keep his mind off things and being in choir since 4 eventually evolved into writing music.. In 97 a family of 10+ in a house, poor an trying to survive. There were times of no electric, no water, no gas up to 3 months at a time. 27 milk jugs of water he filled on the side of a 7-11 when they needed water. Even cooked noodles on a gas BBQ grill not gas but chopped 2x4's over a flame. Humble Beginnings with the seasoning of trials and tribulations have lead to a humble life trying to stay true to his craft. Over twenty years of writing has turned his vocabulary into something unprecedented. Now is the time. Listen to his imagery.. Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail...


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