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On May 12 , 1987 in Sacramento, CA. Joseph Eugene Bryant A.K.A. Future was brought into the world at a time of evolution in music , at a time where no one in his family new how important music would be for the rest of his life. When Joseph was around 2 or 3 years old his mother (Michelle Brown) and his father (Curtis Bryant) divorced and later Curtis Bryant, at the time serving in the United States Air Force moved to Las Vegas NV with his son. It wasn’t until Joseph was 12 years old that he was introduced to music when he was handed his first saxophone. After a year of study he decided to switch to the percussion section of his school band where he learned the drums from his father and finally created his first dream as a musician, to be a rockstar. Soon after several years of school and family turmoil that took place Joseph was studying hard to graduate school, but spending more time skipping school to practice with his band Genetic Defect. After a falling out, Joseph and the lead Guitarist (Brian Monte Money) decided to quit the band and start a new project, a project that eventually became Escape The Fate. Josephs dreams were short lived. At this time he was at the peak of his talent but in runes with his father. Two bulls in the room they would often lash out at each other in anger and rage. Eventually this led to the band agreeing that with Josephs family problems often getting in the way with the band, it would be best to seek other potential. Joseph had hatred for his father for taking the one thing he loved, he promised from that day he'd be everything his father wasn’t and he would make it, his way. A year later after skipping college, and passing up his musicianship scholarship Joseph was at the end of a short fuse, living with his best friend (Ulysses “Drama “ Diaz) with his clothes stuffed in the back corner of the room they made one of the biggest decisions of there lives, to join the United States Marine Corp. Soon to become a brief trial an error, Joseph decided to stick the Marines out after being awol for the holidays. Years of training, years of volunteering to be deployed to go to Iraq, homeless living out of his car in a relationship that was falling apart at the seams, he ended his short career with an Honorable Discharge and a gray area in his life. Eventually Joseph ended up in Salt Lake City with his little brother (Caleb Bryant). With his co-worker Yanik a.k.a Y tha Kid was his first step inside the studio and his first show, Joseph: ”Ya,This feels right”. After being let go from his job and not having the money to support him and his brother they decided to pack there bags and go home to Sin City, NV. Expecting to come home to open arms. Instead, Joseph and his brother were in Vegas with nothing and no one. After bouncing around from friend to friends house Joseph eventually ended up at Evocati Studios with a bag full of clothes a dream and a talent that he never knew he had. After a falling out in the management team and record label he was signed to Joseph ended up back in the streets. Over those next months he was on the job hunt convinced his one shot was now an empty clip. Once he had slipped to worse place he’s been, he had a run in with (Matt Randolph) who brought him back to Evocati where he got back to work. With a new fire and new passion Joseph realized he had a story to tell, a message to spread, he had a voice. At a point where he told everyone around him “your either with me or you can stand on the side lines and watch me” from college drop out, to giving up his rock star dreams, to the military, a broken relationship, life on the streets, a broken home, pride, pain, life, death. Not just another Youtube celebrity, just raw talent and passion for music, “This is bigger then me” -FUTURE


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