Born and raised in Sarasota, Florida. Tevin Ewer, now 19, has really been experimenting with music for two years. As a child, music meant life to him and sound produced by it unlocked any door or lit any dark path that was to come about. Sliding his favorite c.d into the c.d player was something that took him away not just from the daily troubles, but also from anything that he didn't want to be around. Every since those days, he has wanted to be able to create his own music for him to listen to or even others if they liked it, but didn't get the chance to do so until the year of 2009. He would begin to make music to see exactly where he could go with it, not being bad with his first couple of songs, he continued with making more music. Not until late 2009 or early 2010, he decided to make music more than just a hobby, but something that he could build his dreams off of; which was being included with the top music artist we know today. If ever in a studio with TIG you will know he can be a perfectionist, however, he believes some mistakes are better than a desired action, and these are only caught by deep recognition. Hard work and dedication are only a few words that describe him. He is working on more and more music everyday, and wants everyone to hear it, hoping one day he'll have a spot on a numerous amount of people's Ipods, or have his music be the one that's banging in cars. You may achieve it, but hard work makes it all worth it.


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