Stray Masons

"Let Freedom Ring Or Gunshots Will" is a phrase coined by the Washington DC Metropolitan area duo known as "The Stray Masons". They come to us in a time where fantasy seems to bleed from every media outlet imaginable. Consisting of members Lazarus The UnDead(Emcee/Producer) and D-MIN(Emcee) they have awakened what seems to have been absent from the "Hip-Hop" music scene for over a decade. True, they are hardly the first to tackle controversial topics such as, Government Corruption and other Political Conspiracies deemed taboo by most, but they serve it up like culinary masters, blending flavors that make an otherwise unpleasant reality palatable. The driving force propelling this Two Man Army can be attributed to a less than desirable upbringing. Raised on Two opposite sides of our nation, they unite for one cause liberate the mind. The groups PR Rep. and resident spitter D-MIN, is best described as a Quite Riot. On the surface he seems extremely reserved, but once he enter the booth or steps on the stage, the "DEMON" comes out. Coupled with the seasoned, razor sharp syllables from the groups eldest LAZARUS, Capitol Hill better be prepared to answer some difficult questions. These two are NOT ENTERTAINED. The future is looking a whole lot brighter now that Hip-Hop as a Genre has two of the most focused lobbyists in the game. "QUESTION EVERYTHING"


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