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  • Cover of Is Lil Wayne Working On "Sorry 4 The Wait 2"? [Update: Release Date Announced]
    With "Album Weezy" being put on hold throughout the year (Tha Carter V's now expected to drop in early 2015), is "Mixtape Weezy" soon to return?
  • Cover of Mack Maine Confirms "Carter V" Is Coming First Quarter Of 2015
    Lil Wayne recently expressed frustration with both Cash Money and his mentor, Birdman following the latest of many pushbacks of his upcoming studio album, Tha Carter V.
  • Cover of Rap Industry Recap: September
    Business moves quick, and that's no exception for the rap world. From the hottest new signings, to movie deals, to album pushbacks, the industry is constantly in motion. It can be hard to keep up with at times, so we've consolidated all of the must-hear information from the past month, all in one place.
  • Cover of Mariah Carey Parts Ways With Manager Jermaine Dupri
    The response and sales for Mariah Carey's latest body of work, Me. I Am Mariah… The Elusive Chanteuse has been pretty lackluster, as we reported she initially sold 58,000 copies opening week, but quickly fell off the Billboard 200. It now has total sales of only 103,000 copies.
  • Cover of Jermaine Dupri On Chris Brown: "He's Gonna Be More Famous Than Tupac"
    Hot 97's Miss Info has been breaking stories left and right at her BET Awards press table.
  • Cover of Rappers Who Were Born Rich
    Many hip-hop artists have rapped about life experiences like starting from the bottom, the struggle and the drug game. The come-up story has always been a selling point for many artists through the years.
  • Cover of Mack Maine Defends Justin Bieber After Racist Video Leak
    In the wake of his most recent racist video leak, Young Money President Mack Maine has reportedly told TMZ that the Young Money camp is in agreement that Bieber is not a racist and intends to continue working with him in the future.
  • Cover of Mack Maine Clears Up Rumors That YMCMB Signed An Openly Gay Rapper
    More internet gossip for your Thursday morning. Rumors were circulating the other day that Young Money/Cash Money had signed an openly gay rapper, who goes by the name of Fly Young Red. This would definitely be a bold move for YMCMB but, alas, Mack Maine has confirmed it's not true on Twitter the other day.
  • Cover of Jermaine Dupri Sued For $1 Million Over Unpaid Royalties
    Jermaine Dupri has a pretty hefty lawsuit on his hands, and it stems from a former business partner who claims he's been shortchanged by the rapper.
  • Cover of Lil Wayne & Mack Maine Claim Friend Was Wrongfully Killed By Police Officer
    Lil Wayne and Mack Maine have been friends since childhood, growing up together in Hollygrove, New Orleans. Yesterday, one of their old friends from the neighborhood was killed by a police officer, and the two YMCMB rappers feel that there was foul play (on account of the cop) involved. 
  • Cover of Justin Bieber Spotted With Rick Ross, Wale, Stalley, Jermaine Dupri & Diddy
    When he's not busy getting into trouble with the cops, whether that be in the U.S. or in Canada, or sucking on stripper nipples, Justin Bieber is in the studio with rappers. Obviously.
  • Cover of Mariah Carey Announces Jermaine Dupri Is Now Her Manager
    Mariah Carey and Jermaine Dupri have a lot of history together, which they are hoping to turn into big bucks, with the announcement of a new "merger" between the two.
  • Cover of Mariah Carey Hit The Studio With Jermaine Dupri & Nas
    Mariah Carey is currently at work on a new album, and she hit the studio with Jermaine Dupri and Nas last night to cook something up for the LP.
  • Cover of Mack Maine Charged With Sexual Battery [Update: Mack Maine Turns Himself In]
    A few weeks ago, it was reported that an incident involving sexual and physical abuse of a female fan occurred on a tourbus during Lil Wayne "America's Most Wanted" tour. While the assailant was initially unnamed, he was later revealed to be none other than Cash Money President Mack Maine.
  • Cover of Mack Maine To Be Charged After Allegedly Breaking Female Fan's Jaw
    Last week we reported on a story of a woman who claimed an entourage member from the "America's Most Wanted" tour had assaulted her on a tour bus. While the assailant's identity had not been confirmed at the time, it has now been revealed to be none other than Young Money president Mack Maine.
  • Cover of Jermaine Dupri Could Lose Music Rights Of So So Def Artists [Update: Dupri Claims He Was Taken Advantage Of By Personal Banker]
    Although Jermaine Dupri paid off his enormous tax lien of $3 million earlier this year, he's still suffering from financial problems. The SunTrust Bank has launched a new lawsuit against Dupri, because he has failed to pay back completely a $4.8 million loan he took out back in 2010.
  • Cover of Jermaine Dupri Loses Lamborghini Lawsuit, Owes $79,000
    Jermaine Dupri's financial woes just keep stacking up. In December of 2011 we reported on Jermaine Dupri getting sued over his Lamborghini, after he failed to make payments on the $330,000  vehicle (although he did make an initial payment of $70,000).
  • Cover of Jermaine Dupri Hit With $800,000 Tax Lien
    Jermaine Dupri continues to have financial trouble. It was reported last month that the rapper could lose the rights to his label So So Def if he could not repay an oustanding loan, and he has now been served with 2 hefty tax liens.
  • Cover of DJ Drama Confirms Lil Wayne's "Dedication 5" Is On The Way
    If you listened to Lil Wayne's "Bugatti" freestyle earlier today, you may have noticed his "Dedication 5" reference toward the end of the track.
  • Cover of Jermaine Dupri Calls Chris "Mac Daddy" The "Son I Never Had" In Letter To Fans [Update: So So Def Issue Statement]
    The passing of Chris "Mac Daddy" Kelly has been felt through out the hip-hop community. Many rappers and artists have already expressed their sorrow over Chris' death, one of them, Jermaine Durpi, was particularly close with the rapper.
  • Cover of Usher, Jermaine Dupri & Young Jeezy Collaborating On New Usher Album
    Both Jermaine Dupri and Young Jeezy have posted photos on Instagram that show them in the studio with Usher, which is sure to be a welcome sight for fans of the R&B singer.
  • Cover of Mack Maine Reveals Lil Wayne's Jaw Dropped When He Saw False Health Reports
    There has been a lot of confusion surrounding Lil Wayne's recent stay at the hospital, due to a string of serious seizures. Media outlet TMZ has been slammed by several rappers who are friends of Wayne and were upset with the way they handled their reporting.
  • Cover of Mack Maine Announces Lil Wayne's Daughter Signed To Young Money
    The YMCMB label has been expanding non-stop recently, but with their latest signee they're keeping it in the family.
  • Cover of Mack Maine Talks Lil Wayne & Drake Albums
    It looks as if YMCMB will have another gigantic year in 2013.
  • Cover of Jermaine Dupri Pays Off $3 Million Tax Lien
    Jermaine Dupri has finally settled his finances, paying off a $3 million tax lien stemming from 2008. The IRS filed the lien in 2008, claiming Dupri had failed to pay his taxes since 2006, resulting in back taxes of $3,095,004.64.
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