Sir Jon Lee

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Back in 1989, The centrally located Los Angles County city of Compton California, with it’s ninety-six thousand or so residents, seemed an unlikely place for a young Rap artist and producer that was soon to be born. January 26 1989 was when Jon Lee made his first appearance. Young Jon was destined to great things and as he grew he had a bent for the arts. That comes as no real surprise , as the house where Jon grew-up was full of music. His father was a musician and his mother was a ballerina. Jon focused his talents on drawing, painting, graphic design and photography, as he attended private school. At age nine, Jon’s life turned completely upside down. It was discovered that he had severe asthma, that ultimately brought the young man’s life to a sudden halt. Doctors were able to revive him as they discovered he had collapsed lungs. Spending a month in the hospital proved to be a long time for the young Jon Lee. He had to undergo therapy to walk and write again, due to the muscles that had grown weak due to the bed rest that was required while his lungs repaired, themselves after collapsing. As soon as he was able he passed the long hours by reading comic books, drawing and writing. Most all bad things also have good things that come from them. Jon said the positive side of his near death experience is that it made him fearless. “I’ve looked death in the eye and I know I can do anything once I make my mind up to do it!” This was when Jon became interested in yet another art form. Following in his fathers foot steps he became interest in music at the age of nine. He began performing at high schools, proms, open mic spots, concerts and other artist showcases and venues. It wasn’t until Jon reached the age of thirteen, that he became serious about his musical career. Being influenced by a range of other artist like, J Dilla, 9th Wonder, Kanye West, Dr.Dre, Jay Z. His influences extended even further to artist such as John Lennon, Michael Jackson and Quincy Jones along with several others. His unique style of performing is a mix of music that was also influenced by his visits to different areas of the country, such as New York, Atlanta, Alabama, Las Vegas and Florida. As with most artist, Jon began performing with a group, but as his style developed he eventually started pursuing a solo career. As Jon’s own music style began to develop from these influences. He realized the importance of developing his own unique style of the over the top punch lines, in the pocket delivery and witty word play. Jon developed a very strong vocabulary and admits that sometimes he goes right over peoples heads. “I am very versatile in my production style as well. One song can be a very simple boom bap type sound and another can be very classical and orchestrated.” Jon said. “There is no limit when it comes to my production abilities. One moment I can be producing for a hip hop artist and the next a rocker.” Jon is also very hands on when it comes to his producing. He is a very active artist himself and does most of his own album covers and visuals. Video is another area that Jon likes to get involved with when producing. “It just all comes together for me as an all around artist.” Jon said. Jon Lee is a rising artist full of talent, that has a level head on his shoulders and unlimited abilities in the music production industry.


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