About Shome

For those unfamiliar, Shome is an emerging New Orleans emcee and songwriter currently based in Charlotte, North Carolina. Despite growing up in a violent environment, Shome forgoes raps about crime, violence and drugs for positive, uplifting lyricism, with the goal of inspiring people in difficult situations to make a change.

The last we heard of Shome was The Balancing Act project, which was accompanied by several visuals. Stay tuned for updates on his career, folks - the young lord's just getting started in this rap game.

(Drawn from a summary by Louisiana State University student Nabil Rayeed.)

Facts Only

  • Shome is of Indian descent.
  • He attended the University Of North Carolina.
  • Shome relocated to Charlotte, North Carolina two years after Hurricane Katrina occurred.
  • Shome believes that every man has a responsibility to make the world a better place.
  • He has immense knowledge and infinite heart.
  • Shome is an Aquarius.

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