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  • Shlohmo "Buried" Video
    Shlohmo "Buried" Video
    When speaking to The fader about his upcoming album, Dark Red, Shlohmo described it as "if Electric Wizard tried to make an R&B record, or if Boards of Canada met Burzum by the River Styx." For those of you familiar with metal, IDM and/or Greek mythology, it should be clear to you after hearing "Buried" that he hit the nail on the head with that description.
  • Jeremih Feat. Shlohmo "Fuck You All The Time" Video
    Jeremih Feat. Shlohmo "Fuck You All The Time" Video
    Back in July, Jeremih and Shlohmo finally delivered the joint EP that we'd been craving ever since they released "Bo Peep (Do U Right)" in Spring 2013. The No More EP was a sure success, and now the motley duo have shared a video for sexed-up EP jam "Fuck You All The Time."
  • WELL$ "Black Swan" Video
    WELL$ "Black Swan" Video
    After releasing a track entitled "An Awfully Rude Reintroduction" yesterday, NC spitter WELL$ has just shared a video for a track called "Black Swan." On Billboard, the young MC explains the video (which samples Shlohmo and Jeremih's "Fuck You All The Time" as follows:
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