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  • Cover of Scottie Pippen Sued For $4M After Knocking Man Out In Malibu
    Scottie Pippen was involved in a short altercation outside Nobu, a restaurant in Malibu, that ended up with Pip punching a man, and said man crumbling to the ground and being knocked out.   Now that man is suing the Hall Of Fame forward for $4 million.Police are still investigating the incident, but they had intervie
  • Cover of Scottie Pippen Questioned By Police For Knocking Man Out At Restaurant
    Over the weekend an overzealous autograph seeker was at the same restaurant as Scottie Pippen at Nobu in Malibu and continued to take photos of the Bulls legend while he was trying to enjoy a meal with his family.  Apparently after dinner, Pippen and the man had an altercation in the parking lot as he was trying to ge
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