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In Elpaso, Texas on March 15, 1990 I arrived in this world. I guess I wasn’t really ready for what this world had to offer me, because I was supposed to bless mother nature with my presence on March 5th the world couldn’t stop what was destined to happen. Marsha De’Laney was the woman that gave me life, a pure bred Island woman from Trinidad came to America because she wanted our future to prosper with more and better chances that life could bring us. Our journey started in Elpaso, Texas and continued to Los Angeles, California a place where my mother decided that she wanted to pursue her dreams in becoming a recording artist. My mother was the pure definition of a beautiful woman with a voice of an angel I looked up to her. As I grew older I heard stories of me singing along to everything that came on the radio when I was two years old. I can say now that my mothers passion for music was passed down to me, and I’m pretty sure that I will pass my passion down to my children as well. As I got older my mother realized that I needed her more than she needed music so she brought her dreams to a halt and joined the Army. At age nine I was sent away to my aunts house in North Lauderdale, Florida. For three long months I missed the woman that brought me into this world, the only woman that had that same passion for music as I the only person that looked at me with pure love and devotion. I couldn’t find comfort in anything didn’t know anyone around me, everything was new to me. Out of boredom I would just sit and listen to music on the radio and I would sing every song that played from Marvin Gaye to Usher, I remember when my cousin Kerwin caught me singing outside he was shocked because he never heard me sing and more shocked that I was good at it. As the three months went by I learned to feel comfortable with my singing, when my mother heard me sing soulfully she smiled from ear to ear because she knew threw me her dream would come alive, and in that moment I knew that her hope was not lost for our future just yet. Around the age of 16 I quit singing and began to rap, which wasn’t as appealing to other people around me, I remember people laughing at me saying that I should stick to singing. In that moment the fire in my heart grew stronger and I was determined to prove these people wrong. Listening to 2Pac, Jay-Z, Biggie Smalls, Lil’ Wayne, T.I and Eminem plus many more strong artists, that led me to pay attention to the stories they put together which influenced me to really become better. I practiced freestyling everyday but when I moved to Brooklyn, NY it go real, those dudes out there lived and breathed music and I wanted to do the same. My eldest brother Corey A.K.A Face Mob gave me the name “Saint” and it stuck with me. I got the name from fighting people and feeling extremely bad for it, funny right? My brother said, “You should have no remorse but because you do Saint fits you”. Saint became who I was, the true artists inside of me. By 2010 I made a choice to make music and give the game a try, the first song I recorded was “History”, I put my soul into it and got positive feedback from everyone. That was the confirmation I needed to allow me to follow this dream that started in Elpaso from a woman that not only lived for her dream but mine as well. Now it’s September 13, 2011 and I still haven’t stopped I’m singing more than I ever have and putting rapping as the frosting on the cake. I will not stop I am my biggest fan and my worst critic but in the end I am determined to succeed


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