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  • Cover of Jermaine Dupri Sued For $1 Million Over Unpaid Royalties
    Jermaine Dupri has a pretty hefty lawsuit on his hands, and it stems from a former business partner who claims he's been shortchanged by the rapper.
  • Cover of Tupac's Mom Suing For $1.1 Million Over Unpaid Royalties
    Even though Tupac has passed away, his estate is still making money off his albums' royalties. According to one of the administrator's of Pac's estate though, who happens to be his mother, they're not receiving all the royalties they should be.
  • Cover of RZA Sued By Dutch Artist For Unpaid Royalties [Update: RZA Claims He Owes Her Nothing]
    RZA is being sued for unpaid royalties, something every artist seems to be familiar with at some point or another in their music career.The Wu-Tang Clan member is being sued by a Dutch singer, Thea Van Seijaen, who is most famous for the vocals she did on his track "Baby Boy" which was featured in Jet Li
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