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This is Julian 'Ash Piff' White, formerly known by the stage name, 'Kul'. I'm promoting material from my new album, "Riche Pour Toujours." When you have free time be sure to check out my soundcloud and respond with any criticism or valuable input. If you have any available opportunities, (e.g booking, internships...etc) please send all inquiries to my personal email account, Wishing you the best of luck with all your productivity. BIO: . Developing and embracing a creative aura is always a tumultuous task. Ash Piff has been perfecting his creative genes since the age of 7 dabbling with an out dated Yamaha at his older cousins home in the rough streets of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Piff learned how to channel his creative sense and perform on the spot from his cousin Antwuan 'Trill' Freeman in his shanty 4 room town home in the northern distrit of Allegheney County. Amidst the violence and the corruption, his family and freinds were reletlessly promoting a positive influence on him and his siblings. Ash Piff had then since developed his own demeanor and melody taking little samples from the influences that helped develope his eclectic genius. Piff grew up with a classic Sony CD-player with the standard wire headphones and ripped foam ear covers in which he treasured greatly. He would walk around the house freestyling over timeless classics such as Fat Joe's, Jealous Ones Still Envy, and Ludacris's, "Back for the First Time." As Ash Piff matured, he slowly slipped into his mothers whimsical stash of music and began playing legends such as Steely Dan, Jean Luc Ponty, Santana, and of course his mothers favorite, Miles Davis. His musical studies helped catalyst his epic journey into the art of composition as he assumes and masterminds full creativity over his projects. His latest compilation includes an artsy 11 track LP entitled, 'Riche Pour Toujours'. WIth a music intelligence as astounding as Ash Piff's you can surely expect nothing less than excellence on the album as he himself has already dubbed it, "An instant classic" - 'Ash Piff'. Be sure to check out to download Ash Piff's, "Riche Pour Toujours' when its released to the public july of this year! Sincerely, Ash Piff


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