Rick Gatt

Rick Gatt (Ricky Gatling) is A 20 year old artist with a gift from above. A true wordsmith and natural with music. Born and raised in waterbury Connecticut, Rick Still continues to rise to the top with the rest of his team THE FLYERHOUSE Or TGIFACG (Thank God im Fresh / Average Cool Guys). Rick has ben rapping all his life but didnt decide to take is serious until his freshman year of highschool. Back in the myspace days, Rick had his own Music page and plenty of exposure from it. Soon coming to conclusion that it wasnt what he wanted to do, he put the music aside for a few years. However in 2011, after linking up with friends who also do music from home and creating a group with them, Rick fell back in love with the music. " it came to me out of nowhere. Now the passion in my soul for this has never been so strong." Said Rick in a recent interview. Ricks music is described as HipHop with a very intelligent and creative twist. Inspired By very powerful authors and books rick has read, he uses his knowledge and applies it to his music in more ways than one. After Releasing his highly anticipated debut mixtape "SOCIALLY AWKWARD", Rick has made a large impact on todays hiphop showcasing much of his creativity. " i know my music is not for alot of ears. Some lyrics i spit are over alot of peoples heads and im totally fine with that. The people who understand it will know where im coming from. My message will get to them." Rick enjoys art in all forms. Along with being a recording artist, Rick can also dance, sing, draw, and play the piano. Hip hop is the 1 thing that he says is "Definitely for him". Rick is highly inspired by Artist such as Kanye West , Mos Def, Erykah Badu, Jay Z, Kendrick Lamar, Q Tip, Ab-Soul, Pharrel Williams, And Kid Cudi. He is also very motivated from books written by very powerful authors like Charles Haanel, Napolean Hill, And Ernest Holmes. Ricks team, The Flyerhouse is a new powerhouse of young and inspiring artist that are rapidly building there reputation for great performances. They have ben doing shows all over and opened up for many different artists like Jadakiss , Chris webby, Dom Kennedy, Pusha T, And Jim Jones And has even ben discribed as "The New Wu Tang Clan" . The whole team is definitely something needed in this music game. You can check all of them out on youtube (youtube.com/rickgat)(Youtube.com/flyerhousetv). Or follow Rick Gatt on twitter (@Rick2ThaGatt) for More


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