Rich Homie Quan Songs

  • Bankroll
    In a now-legendary line on T.I.'s star-studded Paper Trail cut "Swagga Like Us," Jay Z proclaimed that he "Can't wear skinny jeans 'cause my knots too thick." Well, here's noted skinny jeans enthusiast Rich Homie Quan taking the opportunity to prove Hov wrong on his latest track, "Bankroll."
  • Break A Table
    Break A Table
    Last week, Rich Homie Quan gave us a taste of what we might expect from the next incarnation of Rich Gang, lending an assist to Jacquees on "Come Thru." Today, he's back with a solo cut. "Break A Table" will be included on the OJ Da Juiceman-hosted Strictly 4 The Traps N Trunks 96 tape.
  • Come Thru
    Come Thru
    Warning: You may never look at a Jolly Rancher the same way after listening to this song. With that out of the way, Rich Gang crooner Jacquees is back with a new radio single from his upcoming project, Mood, and it's built on some the kind of slow-burning grooves we've been missing in mainstream R&B lately.
  • Basement
    After featuring Offset and Jeezy's unearthed collaboration, "Work," produced by 808 Mafia, we get another leak that features the 1/3 of Migos "Basement." The collaboration details all the things that Rich Homie's got in his basement and all the things he could do you to in the basement. Basically, don't fuck with Rich Homie. 
  • Show You
    Show You
    Rich Homie Quan and Migos are two of the hardest working acts in rap. It's not often we go a week without hearing from one of the two, and even when they're not officially releasing their tracks, they seem to find their way online from one of their many studio sessions. Today we've received a couple of new tracks from both Quan and Migos, and "Show You" finds them working together.
  • Save That Money
    Save That Money
    Lil Dicky somehow convinced his fans to give him over $100,000 to record an album, so he knows a thing or two about saving money. The comedy-rapper has also managed to persuade two of the hottest rappers out-- Fetty Wap and Rich Homie Quan --to hop on his new song, "Save That Money," likely using some of that Kickstarter cash.
  • I Might
    I Might
    Last night, Jeezy surprised us by dropping a new DJ Drama-led mixtape, Gangsta Party. Most surprising about the release were the features Jeezy and Drama compiled on the tape, tapping all the young talent in ATL and beyond. With Gangsta Party, Jeezy's campaigning for the youth vote while still keeping his boss mentality in check. 
  • 3 Stripes
    3 Stripes
    Rich Homie Quan found himself surrounded by controversy this past week, as a record that was leaked had Quan spitting some extremely offensive rape lyrics in it. After issuing his apology the day following, Rich Homie Quan is trying to put all that behind him and get back to the music. Tonight, he decides to give Funk Flex the green light to premiere this new offering called “3 Stripes”.
  • Came Back
    Came Back
    A bunch of Rich Homie Quan and Young Thug songs leaked earlier this week, and among those containing offensive lyrics that they probably didn't want the world to hear are more polished, official-sounding cuts. ATL producer Goose just loosed one that he produced for RHQ called "Came Back" on his Soundcloud, and it sounds much more like the Rich Homie we know and love.
  • Whoa
    Since last year, Atlanta's Reese has been on a quiet-but-buzzy hot streak that's included collabs with Key!, Casey Veggies, OG Maco, Wiz Khalifa, A$AP Ferg and many more. Today, he links up with another ATLien, Rich Homie Quan, for the aptly-named "Whoa."
  • Trap House
    Trap House
    Although Takeoff and Quavo were recently released on bail, Offset wasn't afforded the same opportunity being a previously convicted felon. Unfortunately, Offset finds himself back to square one, as was also locked up back when Migos first started to blow up.
  • Get Better
    Get Better
    Rich Homie Quan may have just released a new full length, but as you well nknow by now, the man has trouble NOT going in. Thus, a week later, we've received another new record from one of rap's most consistent workaholics, and its a winner.
  • Throw It Back
    Throw It Back
    Rich Homie Quan's melodic palette has seen a sizable change since harmonizing with fellow Atlanta songwriter Young Thug over the course of Rich Gang That Tour Vol. 1, and while much of the rapper's new Royal Rich tape feels post-Thug in delivery, "Throw It Back" sounds like something that could have lived on 2013's I Promise I Will Never Stop Goin In.
  • Family
    On Friday Rich Homie Quan announced that he would drop his next mixtape on Tuesday, April 28th, and that that mixtape would have the unnecessarily long name of If You Ever Think I Will Stop Going In, Ask Double R. Today he gave us the first offering from the tape in the form of "Family." "Family" might be categorized "feel-good" by some and "soft" by others. Along with Yung Booke, RHQ delivers an ode to the importance of family, a.k.a. the homies he grew up with, over a feathery piece of Only1Skoota production. 
  • You Not
    You Not
    Since pairing up with Young Thug for the Rich Gang tape last year, Rich Homie Quan's solo music has taken on a less aggressive edge, incorporating spacey instrumentals and a lot more singing than was featured on his early material. His latest, "You Not," continues this trend. 
  • She Ain't Goin'
    She Ain't Goin'
    Rich Homie Quan is a proven hook master at this point, so getting him on a feature brings about the strong possibility of a hit. Rich The Kid's newest record, "She Ain't Goin," gets this rare privilege, and it certainly sounds like something that could get some radio play. Rich The Kid is currently campaigning for XXL Freshmen recognition, and this is one of his best efforts yet in terms of proving he can make big records.
  • Swear (Tags)
    Swear (Tags)
    Outside of Kanye West's appearance on Rihanna's "FourFiveSeconds," we haven't heard many rappers going in over acoustic guitar this year. The instrument forms the backbone of Rich Homie Quan's latest track, "Swear," which he premiered during his appearance on Atlanta's Hot 107.9 earlier this week.
  • My Homie
    My Homie
    Another leak from Young Thug & Rich Homie Quan has found its way online tonight, and it's fittingly titled “My Homie”.
  • Indie
    This mysterious cut has been circulating the internet today. The leak was uploaded to rapper Sway Burr's Soundcloud, although according to the credits he's just a featured artist. It doesn't sound finished, and for all we know it isn't, but we know how you guys fiend for Rocky. The cut features a short opening verse from Rocky, a chopped up a hook and a closing verse from Rich Homie (with Sway Burr in the middle). The H-town vibes are definitely present, but no producer has been credited. 
  • Hennessy
    Problem's got a brand new mixtape dropping tomorrow, and he's decided to release one huge new leak before sharing the project. The West Coast emcee has enlisted T.I. and Rich Homie Quan for "Hennessy", yet another self-produced record (but not without the help of League of Starz and Mars). Rather than settling into the Mustard wave, the record operates at a cool cruise, allowing Tip and Quan to apply their ATL swagger to the mix as freely as Problem delivers his gruff story-telling.
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