Rev Da Banditt

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REV DA BANDITT ……………………………………………………………………………………………… Rivelino “R.D.B.” Sterling was born on March 31, 1981 in Miami, Fl. Born to immigrant parents from the poverty stricken island of Haiti. R.D.B grew up in the immigrant section of Miami, known as Little Haiti. Little Haiti could be classified as one of the toughest ghettos in Miami. It is overridden with crime and poverty. It has its share of gangs and crime-lords. Ate 18 R.D.B. eventually decided to leave his mother’s house and ventured out on his own. “Growing up there was not easy,” R.D.B explained. Because he and his family were estranged, R.D.B turned to the mean streets of Little Haiti to get the acceptance and affection he desired from his mother and father. Not to be too descriptive about his days on the streets, he hustled to get what he wanted and needed for himself. R.D.B. has been writing music for over 15 years. “I started writing rap music in junior high school. I didn’t really get serious about it till I starting being around people who did it professionally.” R.D.B.’s inspiration to embark on a rapping career is the well known rap group of the mid 90’s Bone Thugs & Harmony and the late great Tupac Shakur. He describes himself as being limitless and original. “I talk about real issues that affect me in my life through my music." His contribution to the music industry, he explained, would be versatility. “I don’t limit myself to one genre of music, I write music from my heart, how I feel, and issues that affect me and others,” he claims. R.D.B. is passionate and genuine about the craft of writing music. In 1999-2000 is when R.D.B. said he really started taking his career more seriously. "I met Blind of Lil Haiti's Zoepound rap group and he took me under his wings for a lil bit and taught me some things about music and life." R.D.B. continues by saying "Just being around him, Redd Eyezz, Mackizoe, G Child, Juvenile, BG, Turk, Baby and people who were really serious about it just made me want to take my craft more seriously and take my career to another level." In late 2006 through 2008, R.D.B was employed by Visions Nightclub/ Apple Martini's formerly known as Banana Joes, it was there R.D.B. met people like Akon, Hurricane Chris, Flo-Rida, Vein, Brisco, Eddie Griffin, Pitbull, & Slick Rick. Through his time working there R.D.B. said he learn a lot. "Yeah, always being in a club environment made it easy for me to write club songs people would like." There were many stars that came and went but there was one who frequently came and became a friends with R.D.B. " My dog Pitbull! Pitbull would come there a lot back in the days. Perform, promote, chill, whatever! D.J RPS introduced us and I remember constantly asking him questions, whats step should I take and so on. He would always tell me the same thing, you just gotta keep grinding, keep pushing." R.D.B. released his first mixtape album project, UGA- Da UndaGround Album in September 14, 2007. R.D.B. released his Second mixtape in 2010 titled Lyrikal Threat Da Mixtape. R.D.B. released his third mixtape in 2011 titled Switching Lanes Mixtape. R.D.B. released his fourth and fifth mixtape in 2012 titled Get Paid Mixtape & Rev'D Up Mixtape. R.D.B. is planning to release his sixth mixtape in 2013 titled Money Make$ Da Rule$ Mixtape. R.D.B. music has already generated 10,000 fans and is growing everyday. R.D.B. is vastly is becoming one of Miami's hottest rappers heating up in Florida, New York, Texas, Chicago, West Virginia, Pennsylvania,even over seas in Germany, Africa, & The Netherlands.


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