Rene Brown Videos

  • Cover of Rene Brown "BLISS" Video
    If you're not up on Rene Brown yet, it's time to wake up. One of the most impressive up-and-coming emcees from the West Coast, Rene has made a name for herself by successfully intertwining honest lyricism with mainstream-appeal. On "BLISS," her talents are as apparent as ever.
  • Cover of Rene Brown "6 God (Freestyle)" Video
    Of all the emcees to take on Drake's "6 God" instrumental, Rene Brown's rendition has to be among the best. It makes sense then that it's also the only version to receive a set of high-quality visuals.
  • Cover of Rene Brown "Chasing Dreams" Video
    Rene turned heads earlier this month when she dropped her reader-approved new single "Chasing Dreams." A standout from the emcee's Keep To Myself EP (now on iTunes), the Tommy Ross produced cut was praised for its anthemic sound and inspirational tone.
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