Back to Player Born in Newark, NJ during the mid-80’s to a young black single woman, Cocky started to test the waters of the rap game eight years ago. You may wonder how he came up with such a strong moniker. It actually came from a stranger turned fan, shocked by his cockiness during a cypher. His egotistical, slick-talking punch lines go hand in hand with his name. Although he may come off as self-centered, not having much as a kid influences him to rap about a life filled with hot chicks and expensive clothes, at the same time remembering the pain, sorrow and heartbreak that came before the “life.” Using his own life experiences of growing up in the hood, being raised by his mother and later moving to the suburbs only to face discrimination, Cocky credits Jay-Z as the musician who has had the greatest influence on his career. If given the opportunity to meet any celebrity, it makes sense for Cocky to say Kanye West. Crediting Mr. West for his fearless mentality, which can sometimes be described as careless, I guess you can describe Cocky’s flow as a little bit of Jay-Z with a lot of Kanye. Although he did not finish his academic career at Lincoln University, Cocky uses his experiences learned there as he goes through life. Learning the customs, lifestyles, dislikes and styles from people all over the country, Cocky has used these lessons to figure out the business of the music industry. He felt that if he could make a bunch of totally different people believe in him, he could make it amongst the rest of the world. Unlike most, Cocky doesn’t believe that Hip-Hop is dead. He understands the business behind the music, not faulting the artists. Cocky describes this as the worst part of the music game, when the people in charge make artists conform just to make money for the label. On the contrary is what Cocky describes as the best part of the game, which is being able to do what you love. He describes this as having your fans respond to your work, by purchasing your music and replicating your style. Along with his team the N.E.W.S. Cast, Cocky plans to bring back real Hip-Hop. Within the next 5 years, he plans to be on Jay-Z’s level, if not bigger. His goal to be one of the greatest rappers alive also comes with some added talents. Cocky plans to have his own clothing and sneaker line, and even pursue his passion for photography. Either way his career plays out, he wants to be remembered as the youngest mogul!


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