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I was born in Philadelphia, PA October 3rd, 1990. I lived there for about 4 years until my parents packed us up and moved us to Augusta,GA. We lived there for about 4 more years until my family and I settled down in our home in McDonough,GA. Now being Northern born and Southern raised I share very well balanced traits form the two.Especially in my music. I have more of a Northern lyrical content and flow. However my delivery, my lingo and speech has s outhern like bounce to it. I've been doing music since about late 2007. I've been in numerous groups that just didn't work out (No disrespect to any) Y.F.F, & New Era. So after being involved with those groups for about 2 years i fell back and focused mainly on my solo career. After venturing off I was able to grow more lyrically as a n artist. I started to take more time with my crafty and writing better songs started to become a lot easier. And my progression started to get the attention of my peers as well as i started to gain more supporters than i ever had when i was in a group. After Dropping 2 successful (in my eyes) mixtapes such as: Graduation: 2010 & Live Now, Die Never Vol. 3, I felt the need for a complete turn around with my music. Like take it up a notcn. I began to work on a project titled "One Step Closer" . I a good bit of time putting this project together because i wanted it to be perfect. This is how I knew I was growing as an artist. Because I was more worried about whether the mixtape was perfect than just dropping one as quickly as possible. The wait didn't disappoint. One Step Closer to this date is my highest downloaded mixtape with 250+. After One Step Closer was finished I had a conversation with a friend from High School who I asked me a simple question. "Do I have a Million Dollar Mindset?" with no hesitation i said YES! I ended meeting up with this group of old friends from my High School. and I was completely blown away by the talent that was in the room. FrizzyVL, JayDill, Slickk, T-Rain, D-Lo & it just didn't end! All of them had potential and I was very excited ! I ended up joining forces with the group that was titled "Million Dollar Mindset". The group also had a 2nd name "RUM GANG" (which is an acronym for "Real Underground Movement" which ironically has a 2nd meaning as well being as though Rum is an alcoholic beverage we often drink when we have our occasional Turn Up Sessions. After Joining forces with MDMRG we constructed a group mixtape titled "MDM: The Premix". The mixtape was basically just giving the public a small taste of what our group had to offer. Mainly going over industry produced beats and formulating the track in our own unique matter. Now with the Group tape finished I was ready to start on my next project title "Blood Thirsty". The edgy, eerie title was meant to both capture your attention and make you think "Why would you call your mixtape Blood Thirsty?" Basically I'm hungry! I have a savage like hunger in the underground rap game. I'm on the come up and I want to eat! I see a lot of rappers who made it in the industry who dont even have the talent to be buzzing in the underground, let alone the mainstream media. So they are perfect food for me. This mixtape has more of a rougher edge to it than any of my previous work. However it still has its good mix of tracks (Real songs, Love Songs, and just basic Lyrically Annihilation) Blood Thirsty Should be dropping in the Summer of 2013 so be on the look out !


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