Rasean Douja

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The lyrical talents of Johnathan RaSean Hawkins (aka Rasean Douja) are a direct result and reflection from his life experiences growing up near the city skirts of Denver, Colorado. His imagination, as a child, would often lead him far away from the apartment building in which he and his family stayed. Most of his early years were spent moving from place to place until finally his mom and dad settled in north eastern Denver, a low-middle class environment known as Montbello. By fifth grade his innocence rapidly began to fade as he began to discover the characteristics that followed his community: gangs, homicides, drugs, and racism. Through all the negative aspects, Johnathan found light in Hip-Hop. He began to listen to artist such as Jay-Z and Common, relating to poetry that they portrayed in their rhymes. By middle school, he had his mind set on being one of the greatest rappers of all time. Years went by as he worked on perfecting his rhymes, struggling to find who he actually was. It wasn’t until the first time he heard 'What They Do', by The Roots, that he decided to stay true, declaring that he would make music that truly reflected who he was. After high school, Johnathan put most of his effort and energy into his music career while also going to college on the side where he is currently studying theology and philosophy. Every week, he and his group (Burb-N-Hitez) perform all over the city with dreams of achieving their life long goals. Listening to any song by Rasean Douja can give you an in depth insight of who he really is, touching on many topics that have affected him.


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