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I go by the name of Reles, and I‘ve rapping since I was thirteen years old. Hip Hop is in my DNA, I love it, and I want to be apart of the history and movement that Hip Hop has brought about in these last twenty-five to thirty years. Like I said I been rapping since I was thirteen, honing my skills to one day become one of the greats, and make a mark on the industry whether underground or on a label. And with this path that I’ve walked musically, has lead me to meet some extraordinary people along the way that would help me find my voice, and shape the way that I write and think before I record anything. My style is not that of your typical rapper, I try to be smart with my words; my delivery is for lack of a better word impeccable. My voice is strong with its own unique quality that basically stands out on a track unmistakable to those who have been privileged enough to hear the music that I’ve done. Performing is something I really like to do as well, to see the people vibe to your song is something that I will never tire of; just the idea of having fans is crazy when you’re not quite on yet, but it lets me know that what I’m doing isn’t in vein. What influences musically stems from a wide array of different genres of music such as Hip Hop, R&B, Rock, Jazz, Blues, Classical, even Country music. I mean I could listen to KRS-one, and then pop in some Led Zeppelin and follow that with some David Ruffin, and then just relax to a little Piano Concerto No. 21 (Mozart), my motto is you never know what might inspire you. I’ve also done some events to showcase my talent, such as The House (Virginia Beach, Va), Peppermint Beach Club, The Black label Talent Showcase and Blackcard Media Va Unity Awards just to name a few. I see myself making an impact on this genre of music not only that, the world. I want to be an influence to some one musically as well as personally, I want to transcend not only genres of music but time as well; to be considered classic is what I strive for. I see the way things are and ask why not a different way, a smarter way, because at the end of the day I am Hip Hop and Hip Hop is a culture, so I feel its time to change the culture of Hip Hop.


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