Artist, Engineer, Producer, Talented is some of the words you hear when you mention Chad Johnson also known as the recording artist “Quence.” Born in little city and state Charleston, West Virginia. With a very versatile sound and style Quence plans on taking over the game with power moves and by product. Only 19 years old, Quence has been writing since a elementary school student but not hip hop, he wrote poetry. He never revealed any of his work from being too shy so no one knew about the talents he began to start. Quence was cool with a kid down the street named Bobby who later became the producer Kayoh and they started doing music together on a old karaoke machine found in the attic. Recording there music on tapes and later bought a karaoke which recorded to USB. They began to rap over instrumentals from major artist like Snoop Dogg, Jeezy, Lil Wayne and more. Years later they were still doing music and decided to start a label titled Myndless Musik. Quence’s grandfather had bought them a studio computer and built a recording booth and Quence and Kayoh bought a pro tools m box and the software and started from there. They were cool with everyone who did music at school and put all there friends on the label such as Yung Ryze, Scolo Dolo, G-Roc, and more. The group/label had a total of 20 people at one time. Eventually that all came to them realizing that they had to find atleast about 4 artist to keep on the team and they went with Quence, Scolo Dolo, Kayoh, and Yung Ryze.They were really pushing hard but slowly faded after the big put down of Slip n Slide was going to sign them but it was all just someone feeling there heads and they slowed down but still kept doing music. Kayoh graduated and Beatty stepped up and took Kayoh’s place . Yung Ryze and Scolo Dolo dropped off the team later that year and it was just Beatty and Quence and they dropped the m and re titled the group “Tymeless Musik” They began to open up for artist like Lloyd, Jeezy, and more and doing really good with they’re career. Beatty and Quence then moved to Chillicothe, Ohio to go to Recording workshop and got a license for Audio Engineering and studio maintenance. They went to ATL and performed at club Crucial and met some major connections. They ended up meeting Gucci, Yung LA, Gorilla Zoe, 2 Chainz, and more. They ended up getting a video done by Jack Jefferey a big video producer in Atlanta who done work with Soulja Boy and other major artist. Quence began recording solo music as well as Beatty but they were still both a group. They started to argue in the studio more and it was going to ruin a good friendship so Quence broke it off with good terms of there separation. Quence’s childhood friend Robert “Bobby” Deahl actually moved back in to West Virginia from Tampa Florida doing artist management with the Youtube sensation “50Tyson” and they began to link up but nothing came from it at first. Quence was coming to Bobby’s studio recording with former Myndless Musik member “Scolo Dolo” and they always joked with Bobby about managing them and he never budged. After coming over so many times and hearing them record Bobby realized there was some talent and started talking about ideas he had for them. He then decided to manage the 2 artist and began working. Quence then went out of town to Tennessee while Scolo was recording and personal problems arose between Bobby and Scolo and they ended there work together by the time Quence was back in town Scolo was moved to North Carolina. Quence was frustrated but decided to keep going with Deahl Management and it is currently going great. Quence recently dropped the mixtape “Highly Anticipated” produced by himself, Kayoh, Scolo Dolo, and Junior. He now is working on his album, a single, and more.


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