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Q Taylor emerges onto the hip hop scene in the height of its resurgence of fresh, inspiring, new talents creating an excitement unseen before through his lyrical genius, clever delivery, and infectious flow. His mission is to infuse the game with a thought provoking, inspiring, game changing style influenced by the many great ones who've paved the way. Born and raised 15 minutes outside of city that never sleeps New York's music scene strongly influenced Q Taylor's upbringing in Hoboken, NJ. He feels truly blessed to have been born into the 90's, during the glory days of Hip Hop a critical time in his life the music of that time had a profound effect on the youngster. So profound he was regularly reciting Biggie lyrics word for word by the age of 3. Q spent the majority of his childhood playing sports. He saw sports as his way to make it out. Although football and basketball were at the forefront of his future plans, music was never far behind. He always had a passion for music. Friends were often amazed by his lyrical knowledge as he would flawlessly spit the words to just about every song that would come on. It wasn't until he was 14 that he began to dabble into his own creative process beginning his lyrical journey when he was given a cd with instrumentals by his older cousin. He initially began teaching himself through the art of freestyling. Others quickly noticed his gift and natural ability to put words together in a clever way. He was far more advanced than the average individual. At 17, Q and his mom packed up and moved to Miami, FL and this time proved to be a huge turning point in his life. It was here that his athletic career would come to a halt. But it was on one fateful night during his senior year while at a friends party that Q started to freestyle for a crowd and the reactions were astounding. It immediately made him realize that this rap thing was more than just something he could do, it was his calling. After that party every time he was out people started asking him to freestyle.. so much that he took it and himself to another level. He began to broaden his surroundings and amongst his new group of friends his rhyming skills were on display again. Once again, they too took notice to his flow and made him recognize he was gifted. Q Taylor put his time into what began as his passion as a kid. So he decided he would this rap thing out. He went into the studio about a month later and put down his first couple of tracks. The reaction to the music he created shocking. People loved the music. These were only his first songs. He immediately knew he was onto something and he'd found his calling. The only thing that mattered was getting the music inside him out to the masses. Now here he is sharing all his musical genius and lyrical skills with all those prepared for the next level of consciousness. Welcome to the show!!!


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