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QBangz was born in Tallahassee, Florida and raised in Essex County, New Jersey. Q took a liking to music at a young age. Within ears reach of New York City’s radio airwaves, he loved the "Quiet Storm" with Vaughn Harper. "At the age of 12, I started to write rhymes while in Middle School. I used to write to instrumentals from the hottest DJ's like Clue, Ron G, Craig G, Fatman Scoop, and DJ Doo Wop. Between them, I was able to practice my writing skills. I did take creative writing classes where I learned how to write bars and stanzas. That's how I developed the skills to enhance my love of words". In addition to writing, Q used to play the piano. “I had a keyboard class. I only took a few classes, but it was enough to start me on my way to producing my own music”, Q recollects. Battle rapping in lunch rooms, locker rooms, and anywhere there was a gathering of youth, it was always going down. “Back then, it was about lyrics. It wasn't about riding the beat. It was about metaphors and analogies” states Q. After graduating from High School, Q then enrolled into the Navy. Traveling the world and learning how to defend his country on water, he still stayed consistent with his love of music. “Even though I was in the Navy, I still kept writing. I would rhyme while fueling planes”, recalls Q. Upon his discharge from the Navy, Q took on a civilian job by day and honed his music skills by night. Heading to the studio straight after work with his ANOT crew (A Nation of Thugs), the three (3) of them each supported their blossoming musical endeavors. “The other two members were singers. I was the only Rap Artist”, states Q. “My Partners were singing about hard shit over hard beats”. And though the group never released any music, it was definitely a step up the entertainment ladder. In late 2004, QBangz met Music Producer, Jen Cyph, an Outsiders Affiliate who has worked with New Jersey based Indie Artists such as Pace One, Gilla House, and Young Z (underground). It was through this association that QBangz made his musical debut on the title track, "Division East Project"—off of the mix tape of a white boy skater/hip hop group in 2004 where he made his debut as a feature on their release. Wanting to not become a street statistic, Q migrated to Virginia in 2009 where he attended ITT Tech for Graphic Design. “I was just tryna better myself-- tryna get out of the streets”. In 2010, music was still calling for QBangz so he picked back up where he left out. Now working with the likes of Indie Rap Artists Ru Spits, Pace One, Young Z, and Laquina Gardner (opera singer), QBangz is expected to make his solo debut during the Summer of 2012. Titled, FOR MEDICINAL USE ONLY, QBangz states, “For my debut mix tape, I don't want it to be like an album. A DJ will host my mix tape, but they would be more active and their presence will be felt. They will provide support and animation to the featured music. Part of the mix tape would be short original snipets of old songs, and up to date original songs along with familiar songs, like a collage”. Crediting music as an alternative outlet to release stress from the everyday challenges life can bring, Qbangz is now ready to break out. Standing out from the broad range of up & comings, Q’s style is like no other. Not rhyming like anyone else, Q states, “My delivery is different because no one can say that I rhyme this way or that way. My delivery is like a Mobb Deep; Cormega; or Helta Skeltor depending on the mood I’m in. My voice is best described as hungry, grimy, peaceful, soothing, raw, and powerful. My voice is hungry, grimy, peaceful, soothing, raw, and powerful”. Qbangz came partially from his first name and the “Bangz” portion came from having to always fight and defend himself. Growing up in the mean streets of Irvington, New Jersey, QBangz was always the youngest and smallest out of everyone, but he packed a powerful punch. Musical Influences? TuPac, Nas, Jay-Z, 50 Cent, and Pace One. Those Artists always kept him motivated. He is an ASCAP Writer: Smoke Won Productions


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