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Born in da 305 raised in da 954, North Miami where i was born, but Hollywood made me! 18 year old in Hollywood, Florida as tupac said with "no father, no money no chance, no guide".My father was white, and my mother from Belize, not too long after i was born my father left. Hollywood being right next to Miami gave me that dade county flava', but with a little different swag. Growin' up i wuz always givin' a hot meal, but hate seein' my momma or my grandma struggle to do it for me, so i started the hustle. Money the motivation, cuz' money rules the world. My momma always described me as a business man or an entrepeneur because i was always looking for new and more effective ways to get cash. I always loved music and had a ear for good music. When i was smaller i remember always thinking about being in the music industry but at some points forgot about it and let it go. "Rappin aint a hobby, its a job for me, just like hustlin', I don't work I don't eat.


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