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Growing up in Winbrook Pride Projects in White Plains, NY, Smiddy was always taught to go for what he wanted and never shy away from the competition. He progress so much that it's hard to tell that all this started in the matter of 3 years, going back to 2006. Prior to his first album release, Smiddy wasn�t into music as much. He was a die heart basketball head, which he still is, but he took up another talent that a lot of people said he should go after. So Smiddy joined a group of 3 fellas, called TNG. Along side him and his two cousins, Prime & Spook, they went into the writing stages. Smiddy never new his writing talent was so unique until he wrote his first whole song entitled �My Baby�. A fellow DJ heard Smiddy singing it down the road, gave him a complement and said he should really look into music and that�s when the road to success started for Smiddy in the music field. Shortly after this, TNG dismatled and Smiddy went solo. Smiddy did song after song after song, until he came up with his first aired song entitled "I want you" featuring a neighborhood friend known as Rio. While Smiddy rapped on the verses and Rio took over the hooks, the song turned out to be a big hit for Smiddy, in which the whole city was buzzing about this song. This song will soon be the single for his first Street Album entitled �A Glimpse At Perfection� and which Smiddy quoted, �this was an album for myself, not for the fans or the money, I just wanted to see if I can put together a decent or better album so I can see if I can really do this music thing.� This album showed that he was on his way. It sold pretty decent numbers in his neighborhood at a nice amount of 109 copies at 5 dollars a pop. He turned out good, only to be 16 at the time. He will later on formed a Street Group of some neighborhood friends, which consist of 2 Groups(M.O.B. & G.M.B.). The Group was Called MOE(Money Over Everything) and Smiddy quoted, saying �it�s a group, not a gang, no street thugs, just a group of my friends riding together for one goal, Success. And no, I�m not the boss, yeah I made the group but I�m not the boss. I played the back seat when needed but no I don�t go around making decision without my squad�s input, we a family.� Later making this into the team�s indie label inc. Money Over Everything Ent. signed several rappers to their label such as, Killa Whale, Sparks(head of the production team), Skee Lee(rapper), Sha Mullah(rapper), T-Swagg(rapper), Stakkz aka Rio(singer, now signed with GIIS), J-King(rapper), Lil Haiti(rapper), & Prime(rapper) amongst others. So now, Smiddy had an album out, a street team wiling to push harder and his own label. Well since he already had an album out, Smiddy now felt the need to help push out one of his partners in Killa Whale, an ol time friend for years. Seeing how Killa Whale was already down with a team in the same area called Dreamteam/ETB and already having a name for himself to be one of the best in White Plains, Smiddy had to show every GOOD reason to Killa Whale that joining his group will benefit both of them and yes indeed it did. Killa Whale released his first album �Da One & Only� under the label, along with Dreamteam, so did his 2nd album �The Tru Passion Of a MC�. Both albums did great selling an ample amount. Meanwhile, Smiddy waited a whole 2 years to release his 2nd CD entitled �Mr.$mith�, selling a lot more then the 1st album. Smiddy told, �I felt this album shows you growth, a more mature Parrish. Looking inside,FROM the inside. You get a more up & close view of what Smiddy is about.� Killa Whale also told the world via, �I see us just moving up, no backwards movement. Who else you know at 17&18 years old with two legit (street)albums out...on their own? kinda hard to make a list huh? We just eating and grinding. I honestly don�t see no one eating and grinding as much as me & smiddy at the moment. We The MVPs right now.� So Two albums out and an artist on your label also, has two successful albums, what do you do next? YOU COME BACK FOR MORE! Smiddy return to the studio late in August 09� due to his basketball during the spring & summer. He released his Street Single on his website entitled �Get It In�, quoting �it�s a new bread for me. I just felt I wasn�t done. I played boss man for a second, but im only 2 albums deep, i got a whole lot left to do for them to consider me even a good artist, im 18,i got alot left in the tank, but yeah, like my man Mase, I had to come back. The single got crazy love. And now Smiddy is in work with a lot of things lined up. � I just feel we gotta come back and take our spot back. At one point we was the hottest thing on the scene, but we shied away for whatever reason(s). But I feel we coming back harder then ever, so get ready to get punched with lines & metaphors left & right, smooth vocals & mixing notes. MOE is back. Shout out to F&F(killa whale's seperate team)� Smiddy, being the hard worker he is, is now enrolled into college, working on his basketball career and music is on track. His mind and head is on right. He surrounded himself with a lot of good friends to push in the right direction. Let�s see where he takes it now! He Now currently working on is first Ep entitled "Love Letter" & it is a series of songs that Smiddy is singing on bringing back the R&B side he feels he lost touch with...LATEST PROJECT is Smiddy Featuring Parrish Markel which dropped April 3rd 2013! Take a listen!!! NEW UPDATES COMING SOON***


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