ProFound: The Artist

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Christopher "Profound" Nelson began writing during his early childhood. Drawing, painting, sculpture, anything to have an outlet to express himself. "I remember I was in Junior High and my friends asked me to make mix cds for them, they would tell me, get the latest Em or 50 who had just came out at the time, after that Hip Hop, or music in general became a huge part of my life". Profound wasn't really exposed to rap music as a child, but it wasn't far from his reach. At age 15 he wrote a song over 50 Cent's famous "Many Men" instrumental, which he rapped to his mother. She enjoyed it, and it motivated him to write more. "The problem that I had was that I was very introverted, so I didn't have much to talk about except what I saw" It wasn't until later that the best material he could ever use would be his own experiences as he tried to push past his absent father and mother issues as well as his low self-esteem. With two other friends in his neighborhood, he started a three-man rap group, which recorded a few songs but we disbanded. Profound began recording on his own, trying to find a proper way to express himself. He stopped writing and recording about 5 more times over the next 7 years, his reasoning was that "Not everyone graduates high school but everyone makes music". For Profound, the fire just wasn't strong enough. Learning about producing through a program in his school at age 17 he got re-interested in making music, but his primary love was rock and roll..not rap. He started another music group called L.D.C. and they began making music and doing performances here and there, the singer Adrian Daniel is now on his solo career and is gaining momentum quickly. Profound's career went on hold when he went away to Morehouse college in Atlanta, Georgia. He did spoken word and mingled with other artist but nothing took. After coming back to New York and transferring school, he jumped back into it working with various artists and learning as much as he could while trying to find his own sound and character. He became greatly interested in current events and politics, and his lyrics always jabbed at the media, the government, and the state of minorities in America. In his love affairs and family issues, and finding outlets to break out of his shell, Profound became a creative and versatile writer, and through a few performances, he's becoming a stronger performer. After graduating with his bachelor's he works on his music at his own pace, connecting with other artists and co-managing L.D.C. He now steers his image and sound to one that shows both sides of his personality and sends a message of awareness and action to others. "I've been recording music for years, I've only begun recently making art"


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