Priceless All Day

New York City, the birthplace of hip hop and the place where the game all began. Ever realize that the playlist on the New York airwaves is always saturated with the same MC’s? Jay-Z, 50 cent and Fabolous? The list goes on. These MC’s are always on constant repeat as a never-ending reminder of New York’s never changing hip hop scene. True hip hop fans understand diversity, they want people who are going to rap about real everyday struggles, not millionaire rappers talking about the streets they barely remember while living in Beverley Hills. New talent, a fresh take on the ever-changing state of New York. It’s time for a voice of the people, it’s time for New York to receive a message, a descendant of real, that New York can deem priceless.10 years in the game now stepping to the forefront Bloc Boyz own rising star Priceless. Born Terrence Rowe, Priceless is exactly what the New York hip hop movement needs. A product of the infamous Brownsville project in Brooklyn, Priceless is not talking about slinging rocks and robbing your mom but relates to life, love, respect and the struggles of breaking into his destiny. Something everyone big or small can relate to. .With his current album release My Movie: Good & Bad Times, tracks like “My Movie” paints a vivid picture of Priceless as he gives his fans a bird’s eye view into his inner and outer struggles to fulfill his vision. “Rehab Thoughts” a real testimonial to the hardships his life has brought into his path and how he overcame them. From the death of his brother to being shot over mistaken identity, Priceless’ keen play on words and heart jilting vibes felt through his music express that Priceless is not a “pretend rapper”. Priceless looks to be himself and only himself as he only knows how. Entrepreneurial skills paired with the gift to communicate truth through rhyme and lyrics makes this future giant a one to watch with a mighty “priceless” future ahead of him.


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