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Raised in the hard streets of BUFFALO NEW YORK dealing with living in a crack house because of a Mother on drugs at the time Anthony Chatman, better known as Poo$Gee, a nickname that was given to him as a kid found music at an early age and fell in love with it. He found listening to music took him away from the problems in the bad conditions he lived in. He started to write his life at a young age always getting in trouble at school for writing songs in the classroom but that didnt stop him. He later on in his life started going to a home set studio owned by a another artist who use to go by the name Future from Buffalo. Getting the feel of how to put a song together, mastering his word play with strong topics and true feelings. PooGee then focused on mixing this rap style to other genres of music like Pop, Rock, R&B and many more. PooGee later on started hustling in the streets to make money because of the situations at home and at school he wasnt the most popular kid because he didnt have the best clothes so he got into a few fights because of him getting picked on but even then he still was writing music and mastering his craft. PooGee soon made enough money to help out his Mother and soon gotten her off drugs for the time being and taking care of his little sister. Never really having his Father around, PooGee learned to be a man from the streets, then learned to become the man he wanted to be. After a few years PooGee moved to ORLANDO, FORT LAUDERDALE, MIAMI performing and recording down south and working at the Hardrock Hotel, which he use to connect with artists like Fat Joe, Akon, T-Pain and Pleasure P. Each one he ran into he asked as many questions about music and business but the conversations he had with Akon will always stick in his head because with Akon he had the longest conversation and still to this day has the upmost respect for Akon. PooGee then started getting around club promoters and bouncers who grew to like him and let him in the clubs for free. PooGee also ran into Rick Ross, Pitbull, Trick Daddy and this was at the time the South had the game on lock. PooGee then moved to Nappanee Indiana where he didn't stay long because of his Grandmother's condition with cancer, that lead him to come back to Buffalo New York, and wasn't recording music for the two years he was in Buffalo. He was ready to call it quits, but the third year he started recording again and just watched and learned from his mistakes, and corrected them. PooGee's HUNGER and DRIVE is BIGGER then EVER and he will die old and gray doing what he loves best - music - and relating to people in his music, also telling his life, keeping it real and being himself in it.


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