Philmore Slim

It’s more typical to have a bio professionally written in third person format, perhaps, to give the perception of objectivity. But who are we kidding? How many bios are there that don't go through an approval process of the artist, which filters out any objectivity that may have otherwise been in a bio written by a professional. I figure since I tell true stories and offer lyrics that come from true places in my music, then to best appreciate it the listener would need to trust me anyway. So, I will say this up front: this is 100% subjective, equally true, and 100% written by me, Las Vegas' own Philmore Slim. I wear a whistle that represents integrity — integrity being the personal rules and regulations of our ways of life, core values, and beliefs. Since 16, at Western High, I've worn a plastic red whistle on a golden rope chain. I see it as a representation of the irony of the material things that we value and the immaterial things that seem worthless, which in a way give me the foundation for creating music. It’s actually difficult to sell myself as an artist to executives who hope to make a lot of money in the music industry but it’s easy to sell myself to a person who appreciates the art. What can I say, I'm different – although, ironically, it is quite cliché for artists to describe themselves that way. It’s this lack of interest in selling a trillion records that keeps the, sometimes crippling, pressures of vain success from disrupting my creativity and pure expression. With this freedom, I often express myself with creatively sown together in thought provoking words like in my song "The Honest" or a more complex architecture of lyrics with metaphors, themes, and concepts that the listener may not catch until after a few rewinds and play backs, something like "Count Me In". My style is lyrical. With all the evolution and the interpretations of hip-hop I guess it’s important for me to define what I mean by lyrical. I consider lyrical to mean, the assessment of creative use of words, not necessarily in regard to the audible or sonic sound. In other words, the strength of the words if the track was paused and the listener was handed a laptop logged in to with the song's lyrics to be assessed by reading. With that said, I consider myself the most lyrical rapper in Vegas, although there may be one or two others that could make me a liar with that statement. Unlike some artist from my ilk of rap, I rap on all styles of beats; this forces me to reinvent the use of my flows by forcing me to reposition the natural placement of my words or my change inflections of my cadence, all this while maintaining my initial focus of the honest message of the song I'm preparing. I haven't accomplished much as a rapper, I'm usually in the position of helping other artists reach their goals, whether it’s through connecting them with people or through websites that focus on local talent, such as Promoting myself is usually secondary since I've never taken hip-hop to provide me with a profession, only a hobby. Never the less, a lot of people in my corner say I need to be heard, I obviously agree if I'm writing this, so listen to the music, give me feedback, and join the team if you want to help spread the word. If you want to know my birthdate, where I grew up, and all that good stuff, I'm sure it will unfold in my music if you listen close enough. Other than that, love God and love people... Slim.


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