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Steven "P-Midus" Cole is unlike every other music producer trying to make it into the industry of entertainment. P-Midus has an intricate mind, which gives him a passion for the the difficult. His mentor gave him his first taste of producing, which grew into desire and drove him to become his own aspirator, as the great one and only P-Midus. Growing up he was inspired by Michael Jackson's unique sound, also amicable with artists with a slightly different mind set, his way of thought is very flexible and understanding. He's not skeptical of trying something new and his productions never sound like the next as they vary with intensity, precision and cleverness, incorporating every resource and keeping him ahead of the rest. His name "P-Midus" derives from the classic tale of King Midas, the legend of the king that could turn everything he sets his finger tips on into gold. Accordingly Steven Cole is Prince Midus, he turns everything he sets his thoughts, soul as well as his finger tips on into platinum. As a perfectionist, this music engineer knows that the beat of every heart hitting sound is what makes that sound grow successfully into a song that makes the world tilt on it's axis. He moves forward with a full understanding of the concept of the style. He humbles himself, being critical when there is something to fix, and never detours from considering other's credible and artistic opinions as he ensures the sound he's creating is one for all to enjoy. his versatility fits everybody's musical needs. Never settling for decent, determined until the sound structure builds up to meet the stratospheric standards of his soul. What he has to offer doesn't come from practice or the equipment he works with, it comes from a gift given to him, P-Midus' skill is nothing but strength that just grows with every bump of the bass. So simply put, "P-Midus" is... a musical wizard..


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