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PT started writing rhymes, back in seventh grade. He always knew he had a talent for being creative with words even when he was younger. He also had a gift of remembering lyrics and different styles of rappers, even if he had only heard it one or twice. He remembers reciting other well know emcee’s verses and also imitating their voices, while he recited their lines. He still remembers the first rhyme he wrote in the seventh grade as a project. He considers himself to have a good memory. He considers his way of talking and rapping to be a mix of all the different places and people he grew up around. As an individual who was born and raised in Panama City, Fl, it was 5 years before moving overseas. No matter where he stays or visits he still considers Biloxi, Mississippi “The Coast” his home. This is the place where the young emcee crafted and cultivated his skills. Along his road to success, PT has faced many trials and tribulations with the biggest one being hurricane Katrina. When the storm came it destroyed a catalog of music PT had recorded and saved on his computer. With no backups or anything saved, he learned from his mistakes. He believes that if anything positive will happen to his career, he’s going to have to do it himself. He prides himself on being well-rounded about every aspect of the music business.
 Determined not to go down the same path as some of his colleagues who have been swindled, misled or consumed in vain living; PT keeps himself grounded by thinking about longevity in this business. He also thanks God everyday for the blessings he has given him and helping him make good decisions. PT feels if it wasn't for Him, he would not be steered in the right direction on the path of success. When it comes to music PT..s music selection has vastly expanded from rap, r&b, rock, and so many different forms of genre. PT..s ear for music and learning music has expanded as he has grown older and hung around more individuals who taught him about the music industry. PT has always been a fan of being knowledgeable in whatever he puts his mind too. With this being said he continues to read book after book, magazine after magazine and watch movie after movie about the industry in order to be more knowledgeable about the business that he wants to be a part of. At the end of the day he considers his lyrics to be for the people, since he considers himself to be the people. With that being said, he can give you what you want, but still have a message in it.


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