PSY News

  • Cover of Waka Flocka Announces "Return Of Flocka" Tour Dates
    Waka Flocka has a couple of projects in the works, but the most eagerly anticipated has to be his upcoming sequel to Flockaveli. It looks as if the release date may be approaching, as Flocka has revealed some new tour dates in support of the project.
  • Cover of Waka Flocka Reveals Rap EDM Album "Flockaveli Psychotics" To Drop Next Year
    Waka Flocka has not been shy about his support of the EDM genre, he's even touring with electronic DJ Steve Aoki at the moment. We caught Waka on a day off in L.A. and got a quick update on what it's like to tour with Aoki, Flockaveli 2, and his EDM rap album. 
  • Cover of Rumor: Kanye West Shooting "American Psycho"-Themed Video For "Yeezus"
    Kanye West has chosen a pretty unconventional marketing strategy (or lack thereof) for his upcoming album Yeezus, releasing no singles, offering no pre-order, and projecting a video for one of the album's tracks in random locations worldwide.
  • Cover of Surprise Flash Mob For Master P's Birthday Turns Sour When Rapper Walks Out
    When surprising Master P for his birthday, fans should take note the rapper will not be pleased with a flash mob. A group of flash-mobbers found this out the hard way, when they surprised P on his birthday at the restaurant he was dining at with his son Romeo.
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