wats poppin world? Well he go by personalatist! he was born in jan/04/89,in NEW YORK. his name is samiel quijano, raise in Miami Florida, known as a life of HARD TIMES.why?no comments or details about that. he started rapping in 5 grade, witting music in 7 grade. who inspire him to rap? "well it will be Marcos (a.k.a one-c)he is like fam to me, because he knew me ever since i was in dippers. but he stop making music! i dnt know why"???? "anyway one day i stop making music and felt in love with playing basketball, i actually play ball for 3 years of high school. man i use to be the ball and the basket, but until i got lock up for 2 years and lost my chance in the NBA. their goes my basketball career". so his time being in jail gave him the chance to write music again. he had two rap name, for this one but he just reply "forgot them". but time went by. (personalatist) thanks god im out. anyway you just learn somethings about him and if there any question he is all ears. well personalatist got music to write! peace out


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