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Starting from a boy B.o.N.a (Nathan Bonifacio [Bona]);a student at the Australian institute of music studying music production and composition, was brought up into music by his mother, a retired music teacher whose specialty was guitar. From a young age, he was taught the basics of piano, guitar, drums, bass and more, but at this point in time he did not know that later in life these attributes would help him succeed in doing what he would grow to love and so they were disbanded from thought. As the years progressed, Nathan began to grow into music and developed a growing love for the genre, Hip Hop/Rap, a genre frowned upon by his parents. A passion for artists such as Eminem, Gangstarr, Obie Trice, 50 cent, Madchild, Hopsin, Dr. Dre, Royce Da 5"9' Outkast and the like, began to grow; however, did not overwhelm his love for classic rock bands such as Guns N' Roses and other artists such as Three Days Grace, Linkin Park and even DJ HIXXY. By 2008, Nathan took an interest in "harderstylez" music such as hardstyle, hardcore and UK hardcore, attending Sydney's chaos hosted shuffle meet ups (which he still continues to do to this very day.) A year passed and due to the development of his passion for the scene, Nathan took upon "DJing" which would lead the eventual connection to desktop producing supported by Michael Timpano (LynxDj), an audio engineer who would teach Nathan the basics of desktop production. After two years, Nathan had developed a dream and after a lifetime of wanting to be a veterinarian, Nathan dropped out of year 12 (term1) and sought out a career in music (suddenly all that time spent at the computer desktop producing, all the time spent practising guitar, piano and more was going to be put to use). He practiced the art of music production till December when after a relationship breakdown he released "Game Plan" [produced by mickeymontz] with R.A.P. and Rappin' Respects [produced by B.o.N.a] soon following. The reaction from the videos started a chain reaction which would develop into the "Nathan of today" (as he would call it) and the never back down spirit that saw to him becoming a Battleaxe Warrior member. To this day, Nathan lives by the idea: "The Only Thing Holding You Back... Is the person in the mirror"


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